top 19. Mohammed Ali In A Burqa
top 20.  Mohammed Ali In A Burqa, detail
top 21.Jimmy & Marilyn, Ghosts
top 22. Jimmy & Marilyn, Ghosts, detail
top 1 Prehistoric Dancers

Prehistoric Dancers
60Hx40W inches In predynastic Egypt of the fifth millenium B.C. small clay figurines in a similar pose evoked the mystery of ritual dance. As I painted this piece I thought of primitive tribal dances where men wearing headdresses with horns performed before their clan, and I overlapped the figures.

top 2 But, It's The Latest Style

But, It's The Latest Style
40x60 inches: Fashions ! Graffiti is the style of painting that I use. It is as different from Abstract Expressionism, another contemporary American style, as Italian renaissance garments were from ancient Egyptian hats.

top 3  Eve & Adam

Eve & Adam
96x60' inches : I used a graffiti style on a frequent Renaissance theme of the expulsion from Paradise. Eve berates Adam for eating the apple while making a fashion statement with a leafy limb.

top 4  21st Century Mona Lisa

21st Century Mona Lisa
80"Hx60"W : A graffiti style requires requires swift comprehension. Since most people walk by a graffiti without stopping, the graffiti artist must say what he has to say quickly. This Mona Lisa's smile has an instantaneous message.

top 5  Love, Mona Lisa

Love, Mona Lisa
30x48'': These posters of Mona Lisa were bought in a tourist gift shop in the subway arcade below Times Square for six dollars apiece. The red graffiti spells "love'' backwards. "Toy" is a term used by another graffiti artist who questions the quality of the graffiti. It is the type of graffiti work that is often called vandalism.

top 6  Missed!

60H"x90W'': On the Sistine chapel ceiling Michelangelo painted Adam reaching out to God. Their fingers approach each other. I paint Eve reaching out to the goddess whose arm whizzes by without touching Eve. A missed opportunity!