top 17   Mary Cassatt's Models

Mary Cassatt's Models
60"H x 60''W: Mary Cassatt as a wealthy woman and heir to her family's fortune supported a large household and many servants. Although a graffiti style may seem incompatible with their way of life, it reduces what we need to know about the subjects.

top 18   Sunday Walk

Sunday Walk
55"H x 50''W: Humor, cartoons, and bright colors work for graffiti. Quaint costumes are fun and graffiti as a style of art is basically light-hearted.

top 19   Demoiselles Da Bronx, I

Demoiselles Da Bronx, I
60"H X 60''W: Picasso's Demoiselles D'Avignon is seen from the point of view of a Bronx street artist. The mixture of global styles intensifies the fun.

top 20   Demoiselles Da Bronx, II

Demoiselles Da Bronx, II
60"H x 60''W: Graffiti is included as one of the global styles used here. Picasso could have been an easy-going natural graffiti artist.

top 21   Dance II

Dance II
60"H X 88''W: I regard Matisse's "Dance II " as one of the greatest paintings ever produced. I would guess that he would have enjoyed seeing paintings in a graffiti style.

top 22   Bird's Eye View

Bird's Eye View
40"H x 60''W: Even surrealist subjects. can work as graffiti. Think of the possibilities.

top 23   Sunday Morning, Saturday Graffiti

Sunday Morning, Saturday Graffiti
60"H x 120''W: i took Edward Hopper's iconic cityscape, greatly enlarged it, lightened it and added graffiti images to it, including my tag (a symbol for my identity.) The "Starry Night" in the store window is a Van Gogh favorite.

top 24   From A Drawing By Kathe Kollwitz

From A Drawing By Kathe Kollwitz
60"H x 60''W:

top 25    Forever, Marilyn

Forever, Marilyn
60"H x 60''W: Like De Kooning in his "Women" series, Andy Warhol painted Marilyn Monroe's lips as hard and crude. This popular woman could be recognized in a glance and was a great subject for a graffiti. She was timeless and forever beautiful and will most likely be remembered longer than her admirers.

top 26 Alice Neel's Andy Warhol

This is an acrylic on tyvek based on the oil portrait of Andy Warhol painted by American artist Alice Neel. The stitches in his torso are like the wounds of an iconic saint. All these years after his death his is still widely admired. He took the romance out of the image of the lonely artist and created an image of the artist as factory worker and businessman. The art world has never been the same since then.