ARTDOXA aims to use innovative methods to promote diversity in art, thus making it possible for anyone and everyone to be involved in artistic endeavor. This brief set of rules and regulations is intended to serve as a manual, guiding our members as they interact with one another. All usage of ARTDOXA is subject to these Community Rules and to the Terms & Conditions.

“Fairness is the art of butting heads without ruffling hairstyles.”


Play nice.

Any community stands or falls by the respect its members show each other. Different people have differing outlooks and perspectives and these must be accepted, even if they are very far from one’s own. Everyone must feel comfortable at ARTDOXA – so when dealing with your fellow members, please keep it courteous and respectful at all times.

Only upload your own work and contributions.

Here at ARTDOXA, trust is a must – so please respect other people’s copyright, and never present anyone else’s work or contributions as your own.

Protect children.

It’s your duty to ensure that all items you post at ARTDOXA are correctly labeled – taking care, for example, not to expose children to inappropriate content.

When publishing your ARTDOXA contributions on other websites, direct people back to us.

ARTDOXA makes it easy for you to display pictures uploaded here on other websites too. However, a link from each picture back to ARTDOXA must also be inserted on the relevant web pages.

Be inspired and inspiring.

Post your own art; discover new art forms and artworks and submit your own comments and evaluations; forge fresh contacts; and make your own contribution to our collective knowledge and understanding of art.

We have faith in your good intentions – which is why we don’t automatically delete images or contributions as soon as someone reports them as being inappropriate. We prefer to examine such items individually, deciding on a case-by-case basis whether the content has been wrongly classified, is unsuitable for ARTDOXA or is in fact perfectly fine. If the image or contribution really is in breach of our rules, then we’ll send you a warning and assume you have simply misinterpreted what is acceptable here. However, should this problem recur, we reserve the right to close your account without further warning.


Don’t confuse the right to free speech with the right to say whatever you please.

If you’re out to vent your frustrations against others, or to utter defamations or calumnies against them, then you’re in the wrong place. We encourage everyone to be honest and direct, and indeed to voice unconventional viewpoints – but there have to be limits. Should we receive any complaints about this kind of misbehavior, we may caution you or even close your account.

Don’t upload anything but your own work.

That doesn’t just mean images or contributions by other artists, but also any other form of content taken from other websites. Accounts that are made up primarily of this type of alien content may be closed at any time.

Never display any illegal or prohibited content.

If you ignore this rule, your account will be closed – and further steps may also be taken if appropriate.

Don’t display any explicit nudity or violence without labeling the image accordingly.

ARTDOXA has no wish to curtail your artistic freedom – but members must abide by the laws for the protection of minors. In order to make sure that children are not exposed to unsuitable material, appropriate labeling is called for, to allow the material to be properly filtered. If you neglect to do so, we’ll bring it to your attention. But if you still persist in not labeling your work correctly, ARTDOXA reserves the right to delete images and/or to close accounts.

Don’t use your account for displaying web design elements like logos and banners.

If you use your ARTDOXA account for hosting web design elements, symbols, smileys, profile pictures, avatars or any other non-artistic elements from other websites, then we may close your account.

Don’t use ARTDOXA for commercial purposes.

ARTDOXA is a non-commercial platform. We’re there to help you make new contacts, but if you try to use ARTDOXA for selling or advertising products, services or indeed yourself, then we may close your account. No commercial usage may be made of ARTDOXA, or of ARTDOXA products or services, without prior authorization from ARTDOXA. If you have any further questions concerning the commercial usage of ARTDOXA, by all means get in touch.

Please always bear in mind:

The contemporary arts cover a broad spectrum. And since we are inviting the world at large to contribute here, it is only to be expected that you will see, hear and read a hugely diverse range of material – some elements of which may indeed contradict each other.

To make sure everyone feels properly at ease here, we must each take proper responsibility for ourselves and our contributions, and show the appropriate respect for the dignity of others and of our culture (lat. cultura: to sow, care for, cultivate).

If you disagree with any aspect of these Community Rules, then possibly ARTDOXA is not for you. Questions and comments are always welcome, so please feel free to contact us.

Your ARTDOXA team