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Persil bleibt Persil...

top "Painting" (Easter Bunny)

A piece of masonite covered in newspaper.
Wall paint for primer.
I topped it off with a generous sprinkle of coloured paper shreds and lots of acrylic binder.
Jochen Hein spontaneously christened it "Easter bunny".
So here's "Easter Bunny"!

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top Fertig!

JH at work.

top Objet d'art

Rusty pieces of scrap metal,
precariously put on top of each other.
Sitting on the radiator,
bound to collapse any second.

Hommage à Max Ernst.

top Mutantenschachtel

"La boîte mutante"
Hommage à... uh... Marcel Duchamp? Billy Childish?

top Objet trouvé

"What is generally termed reality is, to be precise, a frothy nothing." -- Hugo Ball

top Sewing Pattern #2

Objet trouvé

top LA Gyp

Objet trouvé

top Deutsche Landschaft

German landscape.