top My Private Alphaville © - "Painting"

Backyard garage door, somewhere in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld.

"For me, the most important thing is the element of chance that is built into a live performance."

-- Aaron Copland

top My Private Alphaville © - Rubble

Rubble in front of a brick wall.
Thank you, demolition squad, for this tastefully arranged reality sculpture!

top My Private Alphaville © - "Persil"

Gentrifying Quartier La Redoute...

top My Private Alphaville ©  - Dummy

Lifelike, isn't it?

top My Private Alphaville © - "Nord Rental"

Gentrifying St.Pauli...

top "ABB" (blue)

Tech mandala... you find them practically everywhere...

top "Painting"  (Helga)

Blue polythene and copolymer fabric on canvas.

top My Private Alphaville © - Altona Switch Tower

My Private Alphaville - Altona Station

The structure in the picture, that's a switch tower, a piece of obsolete technology (like tape decks and VHS...) waiting for demolition. It's been out of use for decades.

I administered a tacky iPphoto effect here.

top Mutants - The Purpose of Art

These cute characters are in the middle of a heated discussion about the purpose of art...