top Under missile attack

House hit by a rocket (Photo: Herzl Yosef)

top Under missile attack

On the way to protected space, shopping mall in Tel Aviv this morning, photo of Noah Mayer

top Under missile attack mother protects her daughter

Mom on the street, protecting her daughter, under a missile attack in south - Israel in November 2012 photo, an Israeli photojournalist.(Matania Chachmon)

top Child  under bombardmen
top Children sleeping in the shelter

I always wanted to believe, that there is hope for a better world,
I believe in humanity, despite the Holocaust and the horrors that human beings
But I'm so sad that violence and terrorism are still running the world.
World news normally present Israel as a "bully" that is overwhelming and abusive
Another people. Unfortunately, we do not tell the story historical angle and objective.Easy to see Israel as one that creates victims and not as fighting a war of survival against many enemy countries in the Middle East are trying in every way to destroy it. Elementary school teacher I witnessed, education for tolerance, love, and desire for peace are integral to the educational messages in schools. At the school where I teach, there are teachers from the Arab sector in Israel. On a personal level, we are good friends! We citizens would make peace a long time agoCorrupt leaders of Arab terrorism responsible for the bloodshed! It hurts me on all the children, on both sides, and all the innocent who are suffering now because of pure evil. Fundamentalist extremists are trying to destroy the world in the name of God, if there is a God, He certainly walked away from here a long time ago ....