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This is the third attack today (Sunday): Hadar Bucharis, 21, was waiting at a bus stop at the intersection of Safed Gush Etzion.
Palestinian bomber arrived at the intersection and murder by stabbing to Hadar.
MDA team evacuated the young woman to the hospital in critical condition. Previously, citizens who were there tried to stop the bleeding of the wounded. Doctors had determined the death of Bucharis in the hospital after many resuscitation efforts.
This translation is more or less what she wrote in the attached picture.
I love life, love it all, just love. Loves nature, loves to dance, loves to laugh like what's missing, and what there is, realize that everything is for the best. Invites into my life what I have and bless what God gives you. Believes there is good karma, I love people and prefers the best of them .. knowing that everything passes, nothing happens by chance, it always remind myself, take a deep breath Oh .. so what ? love the solitude, God speaks to me through my soul, love the small gestures of everyday, try to live the present as much as possible. Looking for the little moments of happiness, I love the creative art the soul of things, music, nature, clothing, love without purpose, just love. I love the sea wind and the sound of the waves, I love the sunset, and I love myself in the mirror. This body is a gift that i received. I love myself. point.

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Giulia is from Rimini, Italy, and living in Israel at the moment. As a foreigner and a doctor treating Palestinian kids from Gaza, while her own kids are under fire, she brings a different perspective from her personal story:

"Since one week ago, between a telephone call and a message to my friends and family home, I have been running a few times a day looking for a shelter to protect me and my little 3-month old baby held in my arms. Actually here I am now, in my shelter, inside my house, writing this letter. "

Hi, my name is Giulia and I am currently living in Tel Aviv, Israel. I say currently becouse I was not born in Israel. Instaed, I am from the beautiful Rimini, Italy. It happens that I came to live here becouse I merried an israeli jewish guy I met during my studies at the university.
Now it has been almost two years and I need to share what I feel in this troubled situation. I was not born here. And I am not jewish too. I found myself as a spectator of a reality I did not knew a lot about. And I saw. And I want to tell a little about what I have learnt: Israeli are strong. Stronger that what you can imagine.

Since one week ago, between a telephone call and a message to my friends and family home, I have been running few times a day looking for a shelter to protect me and my little 3 mounths old baby hold in my arms. Actually here I am now, in my shelter, inside my house, writing this letter.

This morning I just woke up, sitting in my balcony and enjoying the morning hot israeli sun and one of the first smiles my little kid gives me when he wakes up. An alarm suddenly was shout over my head. I cannot describe properly what you feel when you hear the sirene: it means that a missile is about to crush not far from you. The first moments never change. It must be not more that a couple of seconds, but my heart stopped. And I ask myself if maybe I am imagining it, again. Becouse since all this started over, I listen to every sound. If I am washing the dishes , I stop , and with the heart in my throat I try to understand if it is real it or is the local train passing by my house, again. And this is IT.
I jump from my chair and I grab my dog, while calling my housband and looking for my mum, who came to visit his first grandson "just for a couple of days". I close after me the heavy door of the bunker and I sit. As I look around, I suddenly hear a "boom". And another. And another one. And the door opens suddenly. We stay silent, for a while. Each of us wonder what could have happened. Hope the Iron Dome was able to intercept it, once again. My housband jokes about my pijama. we laugh. I push the door and exit the room.

It feels so strange.. My kid is holding tight my arm, squizing like a little frog. And I feel so lucky! Lucky! Becouse I could accomplish getting in the bunker inside my home in about 45 seconds, when the missile shot from Gaza would take 1 minute and a half before flying over our heads. Maybe if I choosed to live 40 km south from here I would not have survived... They have 15 SECONDS to find a refuge. If I was the mother of another kid and living in a two floor house I could not have enough time to bring BOTH of them inside the bunker. And they are bombed from 2005, since Israeli defence force left Gaza to help peace. It must be exhausting...

I also want to tell you a little about me. I am a doctor. I studyed in Bologna, Italy. And I am a very typical girl from Romagna. I grew up eating piadina and prosciutto and going to the beach in the crowded Rimini summer. I also grew up in a pretty leftish enviroment. My mum is a doctor as well and my life used to be pretty good!

I decided to move to Tel Aviv becouse my housband is israeli and after 6 year in Italy he really missed his home and wanted to come back here at least for our recidency. I even did not really asked him to stay in Italy. I decided pretty spountaneusly to move. No regrets. Since I moved I got to know better and better not only Israel but mostly israelis.... And was not always so easy: Israelis are smart. Israelis are taugh. Israelis are difficult.
But I also tell you this: Israelis are good people. Israelis have a big heart, as I have never seen. Israelis are like a big big family. Israelis are only 6 millions. And Israelis are dreamers. And great fighters for their dreams.

You should not trust my word, you do not know me. That is why I invite you to come and to see.You, that read the news on the paper once in a while, see sometimes few politically correct pictures from Gaza in your online newspaper or go to congresses about the "middle east situation". You that have such a strong opinion about what is right or wrong. You that never came once to Israel. Never. You never really spoke to a jewish israeli. You that never had to run for safty in your own house. When things will be hopefully calmer, before hamas will start to bomb us again... Come here and speak with them. Try to understand. Try to think and to feel. You will be surprised.

By the way, before going to sleep with my housband that is so tired becouse as a pediatrician had to take care all over the night of little jewish kids (you know, also israelis have children they love) shaked from the terror of the alarms, I want to tell you this: I am a resident in Cardiothoracic surgery ( feel free to ask how many women are surgeons or cardiothoracic sugeons in Italy) and half of my working day I am involved in Pediatric cardiothoracic surgery of babies coming from allover the word. It is the huge effort of an Israeli group , "Save a Child's Heart" that takes houndreds of kids in need heart sugery and who could not be operated in their own country and would be condemned to die.
My chief surgeon Dr Sasson operates every day 2 kids or more, do the maths yourself. No vacation. And just that you know, guess from where the majority of kids, becouse doctors do not see the color of your skin or what accent do you have, come from: from Gaza. The same Gaza that is bombing now me and my family and makes me refugee in this bunker and threatens to bomb the airplan my mum will take tomorrow, while my department is operating one of Gaza children. You know what I say, closed here for 10 minutes? I want peace and I am PROUD to be an Israeli citizien. Of the Israel who does not appear in the media. Of the Humanity, Compassion and Inventiv