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massencornern nach g20


2018 - ein Jahr nach G20


one million youtube hit!


Lothar Mattejat talks about his worx.

Kamera, Schnitt: Skrollan Alwert
Paintings, Films, Musik: Lothar Mattejat
Hamburg 2012 © skrollan alwert


Experimental-Video mit Worten (Gedanken) von Gunnar F. Gerlach (im O-Ton)
zur TXMX (Thomas Müller) Ausstellung "Stencil Portraits"

in der Galerie B65 in Hamburg am 23. August 2012.

Kamera: Lothar Mattejat /Skrollan Alwert
Fotos / Montage: Skrollan
Musik von das Lotron


"I am not an artist - I am just a students of the holy men in the forest"

Erkki Pirtola
a finnish, independent filmmaker made films about outsiders.



an interview with paul collard about the programm "kulturschule" - initiated by gabriele fink stiftung.

it`s a little part of the upcoming documentation about the project in hamburg.which will published in june 2014.

interview, sound, camera, production: skrollan alwert


recorded at Fabrik der Künste - august 2012
an experimental-nonfiction-video by skrollan alwert


an experimantal video clip made with 32 youtubechannels playing

the song I d`love to change the world"
from the Album "A Space in Time" by Ten Years After
Composer: Alvin Lee

this music video is made with 32 video sequences of 32 videos on youtube made by :
unregistreduserz, jcbtoche, casstevens1, rawhawkrockin, peterson0007, cuntsneeze, danielweintraub, alwithcurlyhair, hemetrock, mcbump, joejack87, ccbopcarp, wrathvision, mungis1234, elviradark6, jefflorenzonbass, ib307301, padyk69, njtify, kasparwise, eriktheartist, celinedion57155, s3rgano, tenacmusicgr, cityunseen, tlalocmor, patspix4u, art77fun, aerosmith760, dylannut69, astrium78 and mindslipvideo

a video artwork by skrolliwood ©
made in Hamburg 2011