top FUCKHEAD, Uhrturmkasematten, im Rahmen von ELEVATE,  25.10.2014

Printed on 120 x 80 cm aluminium dibond, this photo is part of my first solo exhibition in Feb 2019

top Manfred Engelmayer, Muscle Tomcat Machine, 27 Sep 2018
top Der Nino aus Wien, Autumn Leaves, 16 Nov 2018
top Tex Rubinowitz of Mäuse, Forum Stadtpark, Graz (AT), 11 Jan 2015
top Lea Sonneck, Hella Comet (AT) Rostfest 2013, Eisenerz (AT) 24.08

Lea Sonneck, Hella Comet (AT)
Rostfest 2013, Eisenerz (AT)
24.08.2013, 22:52

top Tschuxn

Werner Reiser aka Tschuxn, Cooks of Grind
Rostfest 2013, Eisenerz
24.08.2013, 19:16

top Contact Sheet of 81 Small Format Prints

Contact sheet of 81 prints 30x20cm on photo paper on display in the frame of the exhibition "Indiegraz, Central Europe" and for sale at verytasch concept store, Graz feat. Anna von Hauswolff, Mark Lanegan, Fuckhead, Spring and the Land, William Fitzsimmons, Young Fathers, Fennesz, Dorit Chrysler, Hella Comet, The Base, Binder&Krieglstein, Reflector, Muscle Tomcat Machine, Melt Downer, Der Nino aus Wien, Löve Icons, and many more...

top Norbert Prettenthaler (AT)

Norbert Prettenthaler
Ausstellung „Lamur & The Other Window Water“
Galerie Centrum,
09.05.2015, 22:05

top Mama Feelgood (AT)

Daniela Andersen aka Elli aka Mama Feelgood,
18.08.2013, 00:54

top Christian & Didier Zirkelbach, Circle Creek (AT)

Christian & Didier Zirkelbach, Circle Creek
Rostfest 2013, Eisenerz
23.08.2013, 16:36