top Summer

Inspired by many Artdoxa artists in my gallery of favorites I layered and digitally manipulated two original photographs taken at Montsalvat in Victoria, a painting and paper cutouts to create this composition

top Old Red

Inspired by the movie "Red Dog" I photographed Old Red , a Kelpie near an old horse drawn farm wagon at Cherrabah Homestead near Warwick. I manipulated the photo, layered it with a better photo of the wagon, printed it onto watercolour paper and worked on it with watercolour pencils and light washes.

top Rocky

This artwork is a traditional watercolour study of a rocky foreshore and an approaching storm.

top Dust Storm sketch

This artwork is a traditional watercolour on Saunders 380gsm
watercolour paper. Each of the wash layers were salted to produce a texture.

top Lake Leslie sketch

This artwork is an example of the quality of watercolour sketches that I use as studies for acrylic paintings.

top Misty  morning

I digitally layered and manipulated three watercolour sketches and printed the image onto OHP film. I projected the image onto a stretched canvas and painted in acrylic. I used acrylic glaze washes to produce the misty effect.

top Ghost of the past

To create this artwork I layered a sketch, watercolour painting and photograph and digitally manipulated the resultant image. This was printed onto canvas and glazed with acrylic.

top Sturt Desert Pea

After flooding rains the desert comes alive with carpets of these amazing desert flowers.

top Sutton Grange in Autum

This work has been put into my Artdoxa gallery to demonstrate where my art was then. This work was part of an exhibition in Bendigo, Victoria 1979. The paint was applied with sponges, pieces of cardboard, crumpled paper and chewed sticks - all unconventional materials at the time for painting.

top Drought

In this artwork watercolour was laid down in washes and the image was covered with blue-black gouache then sponged off. Some additional washes were laid down to complete the painting.