top Tagebau

remains of surface mining complex. The faces are strictly b/w while some borders irradiate in colors.

top Industrieruine

remains of a burned factory after a fotografy at sunset on a clear cloudless day.

top industrielandschaften

overview on same landscapes at latest exhibition

top Hochwasser

shows two desaster areas, divided by a chessboard pattern. The curl emerges from the landscapes by using same colors.

top Chaos_Nr6

intensity of color is reduced in upper part

top chaos_nr1

Separating of color from b/w, while there is only one overall structure

top sechtem

vision of train station, structure of the picture is partly dissolved

top tagebau

landscape with rotten industrial building, color is seperated by b/w

top chemiewerk

industrial scenery, distinction between b/w and colors follow lines

top bahnhof

landscape in b/w/ and some parts colored