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Amado Gonzalez (Amadonart)

Amado Gonzalez (Amadonart)

Oil and Acrylic on Canva by Amadon 2013.
"The Abandone"
Original Painting


I do painting as long I can remember. 40 years ego at early age I take some years of painting classes of art with the master Rene Quidiello en Habana Cuba. Also I was graduated in Fine Arts from San Alejandro Academy in Havana Cuba many years ego.
Painting for me is everything, my passion and my true life.
Must important for me in my painting is be Original and have my own way to see the art.


In Cuba and around the work more than 40 years of painting


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Luke Gilliam (lukegilliam)

Luke Gilliam wrote on February 23, 2014 17:40:

Thank you!!! I really like your style of work - surrealistic and full of nature!!

Marten Tonnis (martentonnis)

Marten Tonnis wrote on February 23, 2014 14:54:

Thank you very much Amadon!!! Nice to see your work on Artdoxa! Best wishes.

Itzick Barazani (ItzickB)

Itzick Barazani wrote on December 05, 2013 15:48:

Toda (thanks) Amado !

Ridha Ridha (Ridha)

Ridha Ridha wrote on August 04, 2013 09:27:

Thank you very much Amadofor your kind comment and fav. , best wishes :) Ridha

Alvaro Sanchez (Alvaro)

Alvaro Sanchez wrote on August 02, 2013 15:09:

thank you verymuch!!
and congratulations for your work too!