All images are a mix of abstract paintings, drawings and photos, manipulated with various software programs, the original goal was to experiment, to see if it was possible to create a desired effect and the result being, i ended up creating many conceptual pieces for future execution of large mixed media works of art, the images for now only exist in a computer virtual world. In addition i have come to love writing, so most of the pieces are accompanied with my words, my understanding of a dysfunctional industrial society!

Tribal peoples of the Americas are naturally sociable, but are selective about who they wish to associate with. For companionship and mutual support, people naturally develop relationships with those they share an affinity with. However, only in recent times have people organized themselves in large-scale groupings composed of strangers who share little of relevance in common with each other. For over 99% of human history, humans lived within small and egalitarian extended family arrangements, while drawing their subsistence directly from the land. The foraging bands and shifting horticultural communities of the past are known to have enjoyed extensive leisure time, and have rarely required more than 2-4 hours daily on average to satisfy subsistence needs.

top Hollow Horn Bear The Third

"after the invasion of Turtle Island i became Native American"

Adaptation is one of humanities greatest quality.
So Let's see if we can adapt to the changes of the Earth.

Nature sustains life. Hopefully as a conscious and rational being, humans need to understand the importance of Nature and keep Nature as healthy by reducing our dependency on industry as much as possible. It is the planet that has made this beautiful world possible. Hence, there is an ever demanding need globally to re-establish a coexistence with her. Also I have no practical solution in mind, but i do see the necessity for industrial society to collapse, this to me is one of the only solutions!

The natural environment that mankind had before the onset of industrialization, urbanization, and exponential growth in population was expectedly healthy and resilient. Nature was able to replenish the loss of its resources, which was very limited. After the onset of modern civilization, the overall health and efficiency of natural environment started deteriorating gradually and went on to such an extent that nature has virtually lost its natural ability to replenish the loss of resources caused by humans.

Activists, environmentalists, geographers, and biologists the world over are constantly endeavoring for a sustainable solution to restore a sustainable environment. There is a need for focus on environmental issues, and laws governing environment protection in regards to industry and corporations that have violated the sanctity of our Earth Mother.

As for me I feel that humanity should just adapt as best as we can, instead of relying on industry, corporation, and government. As in the past humanity only engages in even more activities to find solutions, we need to accept our fate and what we have done as a collective industrial society and stop thinking we are the center of all life!

top Contrary Wabeno Twins

The idea that humans developed in a single way, with a shared “beginning” and a shared teleological course of development, is a uniquely Western idea. It is an idea that is seldom, if ever, questioned. Yet none of the other peoples of the world hold to this idea.

An incident that happened some years ago will serve as an illustration. Upon discovery of the ancient tomb in China that contained thousands of replicas of soldiers with their weapons, accompanying possessions, and their horses, an American history magazine featuring a cover depicting the musical instruments found in the tomb. the cover of the magazine proclaimed, “ Our ancient musical heritage.” The “our” in the title was to be understood to stand for “mankind.” The point here is that American readers did not see the find in China as demonstrating the unique cultural heritage of the chinese people. By emphasizing the "mankind‘ aspect, there was an attempt to co-opt the historical significance s of the tomb's content to China.

The accomplishments of the other cultures, particularly as they are distant in time, are claimed to be part of “heritage” of the West. One need only to pick up a child’s “History of the World “ to see that the history of the West begins in the ancient Middle East. The child is taken through a route that begins with Babylon and Sumer, goes through Egypt to Greece and Rome, and culminates with contemporary America. The child need not be faulted if he walked away from such a text believing that coursing through his veins are the memories of having been sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman. All of the histories of the world , he might think, have been the forming ground for his own existence .

Another illustration can be drawn from the charts made up to depict the evolutionary course of “modern” man. the chart will begin with the lemur-like primate and proceed though the apes to the proto-humanoid Australopithecus and on to the Neanderthal and the Cro-Magnon.The chart cumulates with the depiction of the ‘modern” human who is, invariably northern European male. There is never, at the end of the chart, an indigenous to turtle Island, an African, an asian, or even a southern European. Usually the charts depict the creatures prior to the appearance of the northern European male as being smaller in size than the “modern” man. Again, we can not be fault the contemporary seeing this chart for believing that northern European males represent the latest evolutionary stage of the human species.

No other people except those of the west write “history” in such a manner. They may, as has China, have a long recorded history of their own, but they do not presume to be writing “ the history of the world.” Nor do other peoples rush to collect the artifacts of ancient civilizations far from their own lands to house in their museums as the “history of mankind” The Chinese do not house the artifacts of Egypt as part of their “heritage.”

Few westerners would see the act of collecting artifacts of the planet’s people as a bit odd. Their need to document the “history of the world” is seen as a noble act that they alone undertake because others “fail” to see that there is a “history of mankind” to be written.

Westerners have gone so far as to point out the place where “the mother of mankind” was born: assumed in eastern Africa.

top In The Spirit of Sitting Bull

Industrial civilization is structured on lies, cruelty and the ignorance of a rapidly growing mass of consumers.
Anti-Speciesist Anti-Natalist Anti-Industrial Society - Corporations, governments, institutions and entire cultures have systematically created the denial necessary for otherwise compassionate people to justify the inexcusable. It is difficult to like something or someone who disturbs you, this is understandable. From my point of view, having to live within a society that has assimilated my people and then on discovering that it is a dysfunctional society and destructive in a very short period of time, built on the acts of theft and violence committed towards other living beings, posing as progressive and that claim to be for the betterment of humanity, with very little understanding for the animals, domestic or the free-living. I see and understand hypocrisy on a massive level, to the point where individuals don't realize how they are unconsciously collaborate with this system. I can seriously relate to how you feel!

Civilization will not correct itself!
The only correct way to be is to live with the Earth not against her.

top Linguistic Reappropriation

The greatest threat to the planet is believing that humans of this INDUSTRIAL civilization will save her!

top Red Bear

There is nothing more peaceful then one or two humans maybe three and many dogs is a blessing - A lifestyle characterized by abstinence, not engaging in civil activities, withdraw from the world for the practice of solitude, adopt a frugal lifestyle, characterized by the renunciation of material desire, a time spent contemplating while concentrating on the practice of spirituality, visual and martial art - physical and mental health... What is Asceticism - I dont ask for much, i dont want an entire community to be apart of, or to worship or to follow (that to me is overwhelming pretension) - I just want to be left alone!

Humanity's problem come from man's inability to sit quietly. We didn’t do our best and dont have to call out to give a poisonous confrontation, value the sober-dead over the living-drunk - emotional poison. Knowing it was a false interpretation of selfish sentiment and are hurt by that thought.

Could not sit quietly in a room alone.
Instead be the black magician.
We knew better but didn’t do our best.
We’ve got the rest of our life to do your best.
Sit quietly in a room alone instead.

Western civilization has a long history of disrupting the family unit in regions where they have invaded.

Progress and world domination has and is still happening.

It's easy to play savage... BUT where is their voice - lost the people are to the activity of feeding their faces with the flesh of misery, torture, agony and disease, contaminating the Earth and their bodies with the nutriment of subjection. Become what is despised most in the colonization and the assimilation of what was once a free-living people. Assimilate, to feed the masses to entertain the masses, an innocent slave to the ignorant, an anthropocentric worldview, exchanged for what has now become simply a notion grandeur, a dream, an honesty that has been lost to the world of greed - Became a servant to industrial society, a Nature Based-Free Living Spiritual Being vanished, now just a persona of a romanticized past...!

top Kayapo Forest Child

EARTH IS NOT DYING. There is an existential threat, it's our own existence that is being threatened, along with other species, by our industrious activities. And we are not going to kill the planet, believing that is arrogant..!
Anthropic arrogance - Claims that the Universe is designed for humans. The ‘anthropic principle’, a kind of Goldilocks phenomenon or ‘intelligent design’ for the whole Universe. It’s easy to describe, but difficult to categorise: it might be a scientific question, a philosophical concept, a religious argument – or some combination. The anthropic principle holds that if such phenomena as the gravitational constant, the exact electric charge on the proton, the mass of electrons and neutrons, and a number of other deep characteristics of the Universe differed at all, human life would be impossible. According to its proponents, the Universe is fine-tuned for human life.

There as been 5 other mass extinctions and the Earth survived.

top Lean Wolf

I would much rather do as the animals do!
Invasive Culture
Occupation is Progress
Industry is Supremacy
Mass Human Population
Creating it's own demise
The Collapse of Industrial Society is Justified Liberation!
Death is Freedom
Construct of the human imagination.

Time and what ever it is that we may believe to be the truth are Theoretical Construct Created by Humans. Time is a theoretical construct created by humans for their own purposes. ... In retrospect, I suppose those fanciful stories and imaginative adventures lift humans from the humdrum of everyday life - one measured by mere seconds and minutes and years. There is one construct of the mind that built the world we live in today - industrial society. Instead of just living with nature, the human constructed the belief that our minds made us far more superior to other beings, now this industrialized world that was first thought of in the mind of a human, has now become an existential threat to all life on the planet!

top Little Wolf

We will not destroy the earth, that's arrogant, what is happening is industrial society is losing its ability to live with the earth!

Industrialized humans believe that the earth is dying, because their society is threatened. They cant see past their own shit and stupidity. The Earth is far more powerful than their euro-humancentric belief system!

The earth is definitely suffering because of industrial society, but she has the ability to cleanse herself and we are witnessing the beginning of the cleansing process right now.

Stop feeding the rich, stop feeding on their animal products that is feeding their reign of false power!

top Iron Shell

There is a systematic planetary degradation going on, that the civilized are unconsciously committed to. Now that it is to late, certain members of industrial society who are in full support of their society, are rushing to try to correct this terrible mistake, and at the same time want to be praised for the effort of cleaning up the mass they made as an invasive society. We live in an illusionary-mad world, where humans have created a living hell for the Animal-Kind!

The height of civilization that society has reached now is not evolutionary, it was initiated by imperialist countries under the guise of progress and evolution, and to become wealthy. We now live in a world dictated by selfish billionaires and trillionaire(s) who care very little for us, animals, other species and of course the planet!

Realize that this is a point of view from an indigenous person, a descendant of people who lived with Nature, whose people were nearly annihilated for their land and who are consistently told that the civilizing process is good for all of human kind. Now look at this civilizing process for what it really is and fucking admit you are wrong, that it is horrible and evil..!

Now shut up and clean up your fucking mess - Lawl !

This message goes out to all the imperialist counties, and to the individuals who prize themselves as being so advanced - you are an industrious nation that contributes to planetary degradation. A society of lairs who lied to themselves and to others whom you invaded!

top Marie Yellow Eye

I am a string of knots, fibers and cloth that have been cut from all four corners of the wind. I am wild and stoic in thought, I’ve made a mess of my contradictions and therefore flounder in my spirit of waters. I am not well kept, in the civil sense - I am like the Earth that birthed me - layered cold-hot and deep. I am heavy - But if you are willing to learn the ways, your hands can cradle my heart and the rough ridges, with patience and time my foundation can rise and bare fruits of the labor I am.
Existence cannot be given life without love. But even love can be unconditional - It’s a venture of unknown tasks. It’s a routine that has become my nature. It’s a simple state of being, that I ask - plea for you to understand.

Truth passes through many spirit!