The act of rejecting something or someone, especially if it is that the renouncer has previously enjoyed or endorsed. Renunciation often indicates an abandonment of pursuit of materialism, in the interests of achieving spiritual enlightenment.

Mixed Media Art

top Knotleetla Eschaton

Theological and philosophical referring to the end of the present world... The climax of history - “last”.

top Alone At Last
top Nakoda Philosopher by KRA - Blackhoof 2020

Witnessed The Disappearance of The Bison - The Perpetrators The Invasive Dominent Culture.

Urban Decent and Decay - Greenhouse the central point of reference, the myth of self and a story influenced by historial fallout. This is not my reality but the reality of a man who struggles with immortality, the fabrication of an existential crisses from which the prime life suffers!

top Pariah
top Re-Assimilation
top La Rouge Visiter
top The Ceremony of One
top After Lockdown
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