top White cliffs of Dover 60x110

Since the time machine is not invented yet, I place people of our time in a picture that is shot a long time ago. Somewhere back in time, while the moments raced through them, these people were frozen in time through a camera lens. This makes it possible for me to create a memory of them. A story to be told and for others to take part in, and maybe to identify with. In a way, it is nostalgic and sad studying old photographs from bygone times, each photography carries its own story about the everyday life of the people in the photography. One day at Ellis Island when the boat with the immigrants came, a couple saying goodbye during the Second World War, a Sunday stroll at Karl Johans Gate in the eighteen hundreds.

top Cloudy

The themes of the paintings have for some years been about the urban, bustling life in the city, where I observe people walking past – people on their way to work, people running short of time, lonely people, on the subway, at a street corner in Harlem, or in a café in East Village. Some people living in the shadows, while others are on the sunny side of the road.
Titles from Simon & Garfunkel music/lyrics

top Usynlige vinger

Painting, inspired by Hans Børli’s beautiful poems

top Dagen ga?r mot vest 50x50 cm

Painting, inspired by Hans Børli’s beautiful poems

top For tusen glemte somre siden

Painting, inspired by Hans Børli’s beautiful poems

top once upon a time
top for any reason
top irritated sky
top nocturnal sail