top Mad Hattress

Best Halloween Ever!
I won a 50$ GC to the local sexy time shop!

top Mermaid Costume

Mermaid Costume in Action!

top Best Zombie Friends Ever

Zombie Walk 2010!

top Zombie Dinner

Zombie walk 2010 heheh FUN!

top Zombie Girl

Glitter Zombie,
yeah yeah yeahs + zombie walk = Heads are gonna roll

top Zombie Dinner 2

Zombie Walk 2010

top MMmmm Glitter

Zombie Walk 2010!

top Me at the Farmers Market

I miss the magic Johanna xoxo love you

top Farmers Market

My mom crocheting at the farmers market with me!

top Farmers Market

On of the first days at the market we didn't have a table then... haha

It will be very different in 2010, NEW Location woot!

See you there! May-Oct