Doug Kinsey (DougKinsey)

Doug Kinsey (DougKinsey)

Kinsey approaches the development of his imagery with an expressed Zen-like economy. The strong subtle spiritual component remains as the most compelling attitude seen in his work. Kinsey’s story specifically defines a spiritual geography.


Pittsburgh Center for The Arts, Pittsburgh, PA USA
F.U.E. L Collection, Philadelphia, PA 2009
Philadelphia Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA 2006
ROYGBIV Gallery, Columbus, OH 2005
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA 2003
(Curated by Katherine Talcott; Curator, Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, PA.)
Bard Hall, San Diego, California 1982
The Athenaeum, La Jolla, California 1981
Vehicule Gallery, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1976
Mount St. Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 1975
Pier 1 Theatre, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 1974
CBC National Television (Photographs), Canada 1971
The Busan International Calligraphy Biennale, Busan, South Korea
Seoul Art Center, Seoul, South Korea 2009
Arte Bogota 08, Bogota, Columbia 2008
F.U.E.L Collection, Philadelphia, PA 2007
1st Annual Canvas Competition, Association VIDA, Porto, Portugal 2007
Lindearte, Naples, Italy 2007
ArtProcess, Pesca del Mercarto, Trapani, Sicily, Italy 2007
The Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH 2006
(The BIAA 70th Annual Summer Exhibit was curated by Peter Plagens, noted American painter and art critic
for NEWSWEEK Magazine. Kinsey’s “Interval Series, exodus” received an Honorable Mention award.)
Gallery Ginza Himawari, Tokyo, Japan 2005
(A contrast between traditional Zen calligraphers and Western abstract artists addressing
spiritual points of view.)
Marziart Internationale, Hamburg, Germany 2005
The Westmoreland Museum of American Art Biennial, Greensburg, PA 2004
(Curated by Ingrid Schaffner, Senior Curator, The Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania,
Philadelphia, PA. Ms. Schaffner’s reviews have been published in Artforum and Art in America magazines.
She also writes museum catalogues for such institutions as The Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC.)
The Regina Gouger Miller Gallery, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA 2004
(Curated by artist/lecturer Renee Stout.)
The State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA 2004
The Three River Arts Festival, Liberty Avenue Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA 2004
(Curated by Katherine Talcott and Alex Smith.)
The University Gallery, The University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 2004
The Andy Warhol Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA 2004
(Curated by The Warhol Museum staff.)
Roy G. Biv Gallery, Columbus, OH 2003
The State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA 2003
The Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts, New Castle, PA 2003
(Curated by Thomas Sokolowski, Director of The Andy Warhol Museum. Received Best in Show award.)
The Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, PA 2003
(Curated by New York artist Mark Sheinkman)
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 2002
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA 2002
Carnegie Museum of Art, 91st Annual Associated Artists Exhibit, Pittsburgh, PA 2001
(Juried by David Carrier, art critic for Artforum, Art in America magazines.)
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA 2000
PSA 2000, Third St Gallery, Carnegie, PA 2000
Walt Disney Imagineering, Glendale, California 1988
Brand Library Exhibition Space, Glendale, California 1986
(Curated by Los Angeles gallery owner Ruth Bachofner)
Onyx, Los Angeles, California 1985
The Art Store, Los Angeles, California 1985
(Curated by noted late Abstract Expressionist Emerson Woelffer.)
Riggs Gallery, San Diego, California 1979
Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 1975

Kinsey’s work is represented in collections throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, The United Kingdom, and The Netherlands, including the private collection of the former Deputy Finance Minister of Mexico and the Bank of America Corporate Collection (Los Angeles, CA).
His work has been reviewed on CBC television, Canada, in the Chronicle Herald, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and the Montreal Star, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; his work was also reviewed in The Evening Outlook, Santa Monica, CA, In Pittsburgh, PULP, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and The Tribune Review, Pittsburgh, PA.


Doug Kinsey@ F.U.E.L
F.U.E.L Collection
249 arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106 USA
5 March - 29 March, 2009

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Kris Serafin (serafin)

Kris Serafin wrote on June 27, 2012 18:32:


mario esteves (marioesteves)

mario esteves wrote on March 14, 2012 08:26:

I would like to see more of your paintings, I find them to be strong and very inspiring.

mario esteves (marioesteves)

mario esteves wrote on March 14, 2012 08:12:

Good to see your work here. All the best.

Petra Senn (sennsight)

Petra Senn wrote on January 31, 2012 17:33:

Thank you Doug, also for your "visit" and your comment.
I'm glad about the contact too.
Your work is touching in a deep way. It's great and quiet.

Tim Arkfeld (deadpie)

Tim Arkfeld wrote on September 23, 2011 07:06:

I love everything you do dude.

Lippuner Christian (Lippi)

Lippuner Christian wrote on March 03, 2010 21:58:

dear doug, I've never received anything. I am glad to hear something from you. I have a lot working with my upcoming solo exhibition and I am no longer so much at the computer. the best you write me on my e-mail (see my website). artmesh I told you to leave a comment for your newly featured, high quality plant cycle. you have no private e-mail address?
gruss christian

Doug Kinsey (DougKinsey)

Doug Kinsey wrote on October 15, 2009 16:42:

hahaha...thanks Jochen:)'s a VERY messy medium to use for sure. Just love playing in it !
like your work also. thanks!

Jochen Hein (Jochen_Hein)

Jochen Hein wrote on October 15, 2009 16:01:

Thank you for the favorites, Doug!
I love the space and volume in your paper pieces. The charcaol fills the surface like liquid smoke. Makes me wonna play aound with this media too.
All the best,

Doug Kinsey (DougKinsey)

Doug Kinsey wrote on September 15, 2009 20:14:

thank you Jurgen

Jürgen  Wockert (cajunwocki)

Jürgen Wockert wrote on September 15, 2009 19:42:

Wonderful. Peaceful. Exciting. Great . Jürgen.