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Photographic artwork from my Type Art Series. UV-Print behind clear acrylic glass 2mm, with polished edges, with Forex back and aluminum hanging profile. Artwork is ready to hang.
Limited Edition of 25
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Empty body, refilled the vessel with vibration.
Create a virtual space a place outside of time.
Chanting suspend time
A mystical flight - symbiotic sonic visual
Transformed ritual into a powerful spiritual construct
Participating - chanting, connectedness of the serpent thunder Earth.

Stretch, breathe chant beat into the unhearable!

Industrial capitalism steals your dreams and then sells them back to you - The product you consume!

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Mirit Ben-Nun uses lines and points as an expressive resource and does so by exploiting its nuances and associations to the fullest. Some forms follow the same direction and others change it constantly, even urgently. Its language is visual and independent of its expressiveness, lies in the value and organization of its elements. The things of the visible world are unimportant, the achievement is the achievement of reproduction of the world and human nature. Constantly encourages creativity. In this case pointillism conveys emotions by the effect it achieves using color, points, lines and thus captures the attention of the observer.

Dora Woda

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Mirit Ben-Nun usa las líneas y los puntos como un recurso expresivo y lo hace explotando al máximo sus matices y asociaciones. Algunas formas siguen una misma dirección y otras la cambian constantemente, hasta con urgencia. Su lenguaje es visual e independiente de su expresividad, reside en el valor y la organización de sus elementos. Las cosas del mundo visible carecen de importancia, lo valedero es el logro de reproducción del mundo y la naturaleza humana. Fomenta constantemente la creatividad. En este caso el puntillismo transmite emociones por el efecto que logra usando color, puntos, líneas y así captura la atención del observador.

Dora Woda