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for the adult surfer...that you may know and enjoy the best of the PERMANENT CAFE ; that you may answer your every need, foster good feeling by illustrations and in deed.that you may appreciate the best of your natural environment through caring and sharing...that you may have at hand a guide to new art world;that whatever the season, whatever the swell, you may choose it well.

  • Andrea Mangione (brevidistanze)
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Ingems Flamingems (ingems)

Ingems Flamingems wrote on December 25, 2011 16:34:

Funny pictures :D Like it, thanks:)

Gianfranco Ferlazzo (Pittore)

Gianfranco Ferlazzo wrote on October 11, 2011 12:27:

THIS is painting:)))

Gianfranco Ferlazzo (Pittore)

Gianfranco Ferlazzo wrote on December 29, 2010 09:59:

Hi Green!!!!I love your work!!!All the best!!!!Ciao!!