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“TALLAS” is an installation of a ficticious store where fifty body suits made of women of different ages, races and sizes are on display. It is common to see advertising where women are objectify, they are presented as objects to acquire or as accessories that give status.
This exhibition comes from the need to give a sincere representation which confronts the massive amount of advertising that exposes us to millons of images of the same woman, the “perfect one”. “TALLAS” surges from unretouched photographs that allow us to see wrinkles, scars, hair, beautiful “imperfections” of the bodies that grow, love, suffer, live.
¨TALLAS" invites us to put on someone else´s skin, to question what stops us from showing ourselves as we really are, and shows the irony of that everthing, specially our own nature, becomes part of what is for sale in the market.
“TALLAS” incites a reflexion about how society treats the female body. Examines the result of the objectification. Allows the visibility of marks that are still taboo in the standar view of beauty. Through this work I question the value of life in relation to arbitrary attributes such as our place of origin and our appearances.


She walks in beauty...transparent...apparent...


En = Within...... Inner
Theo ....... Divine, God
Gen ......... Becoming, Creating

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