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From the point of view of Basque symbolic anthropology Etxe is like the house or hamlet, reconstituted the cave of the Goddess Mari, whose representation was the Etxekoandre or Lady of the house. The Basque club is radical, elementary and absolutely matriarchal-feminine, because it is both time and space of communion of the living and the dead, dwelling and burial, temple and cemetery and place of life (procreation and birth) and death (death, burial and remembrance).

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In Basque mythology Amalur is the name that in Euskera means "Mother Earth". In the legends of the Basque people, the Earth, Ama-Lurra, is the main divinity. The Earth is shown to us as the habitat of all living beings, possessing our own vital force that has created our natural environment. The Earth is a huge container, an unlimited receptacle, where the souls of the deceased and most of the mythological characters live. The faith in Ama-Lurra is very old in the Basque people, previous to the invasion of the Indo-European peoples. Teluria is the Cult Relative to the Earth, energies that arise from the interior of the earth, come, circulate and emanate continuously from the earth's surface and the subsoil, being very related to the energetic variations of the geo-magnetosphere, the electro-conductivity of the terrain and the gravito-magnetic influences of the Sun and the rest of the planetary system.

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Cyclops anthropomorphic, gigantic, with only one eye in the middle of the forehead with anthropophagic customs and terrifying behavior. It is perverse, of wild instincts and very aggressive. It feeds on sheep, children and even adults from time to time. It lives in the mountains and its size is huge as is its strength.

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top "One can't look at seeing/One can't hear hearing.

Two glass jars, 30x65x30 cm each, part of a larger installation piece.

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Photographic artwork from my Spain Series. UV-Print behind clear acrylic glass 2mm, with polished edges, with Forex back and aluminum hanging profile. Artwork is ready to hang.
Limited Edition of 25
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