This graphic-series is based on the idea of "Linie trifft Lyrik".Only this time my series of "alltagsbilder" gave inspiration to Klaus Meyer (poet) who wrote a poem on each drawing

top "Linie trifft Lyrik"- das Buch

You can order the exhibition's book "Linie trifft Lyrik - Lyrik trifft Linie"here: (15 Euro+fee).

This book shows all artworks of "Lyrik trifft Linie" and "Linie trifft Lyrik" in combination with its poems.
The author is Klaus Meier, a German Poet working in Dessau.

84 pages, printed on "Schleipen-Werkdruck"-paper, the envelope is a silkscreen-print, each done by hand

top neu_in_dieser_welt?

so fühlen wir Menschen uns doch manchmal.. /
this is how people may feel sometimes..

>> verkauft 2010 / sold 2010

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top chellist02

gypsie playing chello

top alltagsbilder_01

do you know her?

top alltagsbilder_03

do you know him?

top chellist

gypsie playing chello

top hinfort
top fortschritt-rückschritt

progress and regress, it's our choice