Leopold van de Ven (Leopold)

Leopold van de Ven (Leopold)

My work is based on the concept of space; to show space and rediscover it, sometimes even in two-dimensional form, but always with the same idea in mind. This is how I see it: two qualities of a drawing are representation and the imagination of depth. An object has a three-dimensional, physical presence and can therefore be an inconvenience. It is tangible, has substance and can hence constitute a drama/tell a story.
My wall reliefs I describe as ‘two-dimensional sculptures’: a combination of the qualities of a drawing and those of a three-dimensional object. In this way I try to give the two-dimensional sculptures imaginary depth, without it becoming an image-like drawing. I call it ‘abstract surrealism’. The actual presence as a tangible object forms the three-dimensional element which enhances expression in the piece of art.



1988- 93 Academy of Art St. Joost at Breda the Netherlands, specialisation architectural design.
1984-88 MTS for furniture en woodmanufacturers


2014 6 month artist in residence Triangle Brooklyn New York
2012 Triangle Workshop programm New-York


Represented by White Columns New-York Curated Artist Registry.


catalogue Annual 04/05
Netwerk/ center for contemorary art, 2006
review Daglad De Morgen May 2005

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Katja  Windau (mariam)

Katja Windau wrote on August 06, 2011 19:19:

great works!
now I've got a lot of new favourits thanks to you...

Thorsten Dittrich (thorstendittrich)

Thorsten Dittrich wrote on May 23, 2011 18:13:

Love your paper works and photography...took some with me (pay later...)

Leopold van de Ven (Leopold)

Leopold van de Ven wrote on February 08, 2011 09:46:

Hi Pat
Thanks for your comment, very nice that you let me know what you think about the works.

Pat Benkendorff (patbenkendorff)

Pat Benkendorff wrote on February 08, 2011 08:58:

Hi Leopold
I really like your white on white paper-mache sculptural wall works. I think they are really beautiful, innovative and clean.

Leopold van de Ven (Leopold)

Leopold van de Ven wrote on September 19, 2010 21:38:

Thanks, very nice that you let me know that it does things to you. ...Then it works.

Hans- ulrich Wutzler (hanswutzlera)

Hans- ulrich Wutzler wrote on September 18, 2010 22:40:

ich hab mir grad deine bilder angeschaut und bekam so ein gutes gefühl,
das merk ich mir...........