top Dona Maria Mercedes de Alvear (after De Laszlo)

Study: Portrait of Dona Maria Mercedes De Alvear by Michael McNaughton, after the 1921 painting by Philip De Laszlo.

top Threshold Of Infinity
top FAKE

inspiried by book covers, and fancy candy boxes, i allways wanted to build a very Fake painting. Fake art by itself

top American Star
top idyll am abgrund
top Rainforest 4

This painting tried to capture a cloud rising from the rainforest below Kuranda in North Queensland at the start of the wet season.

top Rainforest 3

This painting tried to capture the glow that overcomes a tropical rainforest at sunset


(2010- watercolor, wood, paper, digital frame, animation (0:02:00) 27,5 x 32,5 x 5 cm)

Everybody is between certain borders. The question is how we live with them. Are we trying to break on through? Is it possible at all?
In the zoo you can watch the animals through bars because of the safety. Actually the truth is the opposite of it. There is the main question: Who is locked in and out?


(2010- watercolor, wood, paper, digital frame, animation (0:01:35) 27,5 x 32,5 x 10 cm)

Peeping in others life is always an exciting experiment. Nowdays the reality shows are very popular. It is also not a question the voyerism transfixes the different fields of art. The main aspects of the peeping is the action of the observation. To be on the lurk was always the part of the human history.

In the XVIII. century the book „The Devil upon Two Sticks” by Alain-René Le Sage also shows different types of lives to the reader as he lifts the roofs of the houses in Paris and let a little insight in the peoples life for us.

I am also opening up my life, but I have no scandal or exciting dirty moments. I am showing my static and a bit boring daily moments of my life. The scene is my kitchen where I always spend a lot of time. It is also a symbolic space of the housewifes.

When I was in the Netherlands Johannes Vermeer had a big influence on me. He is also inspirated this work. I like the way how he use the colour and the light. I tried to move the atmosphere of his painting to the present. I try to tell my story with the implement of animation.