Majid Faghfouri (Majid)

Majid Faghfouri (Majid)

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  • Klara Petra Szabo (aquarella)
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reihaneh zaribaf (reihan)

reihaneh zaribaf wrote on June 16, 2010 13:44:

hello, I saw your artworks and i enjoy a lot,they are so great !
I joined here, but my artwork aren't as good as yours.

Ilia Faghfouri (Ilia)

Ilia Faghfouri wrote on January 14, 2010 18:50:

kheyli shahaamat mikhaad portreh-e aabrang keshidan!
Manzareh safe-e amaa soorat, kheyli tamrin laazem daareh.
To ham keh vaght daari! Keep up the good work.

mostafa faghfoury (Mostafa)

mostafa faghfoury wrote on January 07, 2010 17:13:

Great works of art

I am proud of you. One more surprise added to your qualifications!!

Keep posting your artworks.