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marieke bolhuis (Marieke)

marieke bolhuis (Marieke)

By creating landmarks, I try to catch the spectator attention for a hidden layer of meaning to a landscape. These layers can question the history of civilization.
Or are about the way the earth crust grows and vanish. My personal involvement leads me from one track to another from my home grounds near the beach of The Netherlands [ series 'home ground' ] , to the Silk-route, Mesopotamia search of the source of our civilization [ series 'search out' ] Japan , Iceland and Tenerife to walk on volcanic surface.
Wondering how on earth this ever happened and how long it will last... [series 'a whole hole swallow up all']


Marieke Bolhuis was born in 1962 in Hilversum, the Netherlands, Europe. She earned her B.F.A. from the school of Art and Industrial Design in Enschede, the Netherlands in 1984. Participate in a numerous solo and group shows since 1984
In 1990 she made her first installation for Artist Space W139 in Amsterdam
In the following years many different installations where purposely built for specific sites in The Netherlands, France, and Memphis Tennessee. From these installations only the sketches and photos remain.
In 2003 she was invited by Amsterdam Print Center to use a large digital Epson printer. She started to photograph landscapes with meaning.
In 2005 she traveled to Iran [for Mesopotamia] and in 2006 to Iceland, Japan and Tenerife for the series about the earths crust.
In her studio she made small objects, using earth related material like glass clay cement, and placed them into the photos to point out the underlying meaning, drawing special attention to this by placing a landmark made of a mixture of different soil types.
The final work are giclee prints printed by Bernard Ruijgrok Piezografie Amsterdam on German etching paper, a matt fine art paper.
Marieke Bolhuis has received numerous scholarships from the city of Amsterdam and the Dutch Government.
She was the recipient of a visiting artist Fellowship from Hirado, Nagasaki, Japan.
A member of the Advisory council of the Amsterdam Print Center [AGA].
She has served as a visiting professor at three different Dutch Art Schools.
Her work is included in many private and corporate collections as well including the ministry of foreign affairs in the Netherlands, the Dutch Embassies in Abu Dhabi and Manila [Philippines].


2007 - New Prints, International Print Center New York, NY
- Cumulus, guest curator for artist space NP40, Amsterdam NL
2008 - Anchor graphics and [c]space at Columbia college Chicago, USA
- fair Art Rotterdam,NL at Frederieke Taylor gallery based New York


- fair Art Amsterdam 7th may-12th 2008
-Peace Museum, Nagasaki, Japan group show from 8-26-08 until 9-21-08 opening party 8-31

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