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Randi Kristin Strand (RandiStrand)

Randi Kristin Strand (RandiStrand)


I am inspired by songs, music and poems; from what I can read between the lines - or from what I can find as a silent whisper in a poem. When I hear texts or music that bring some sort of recognition or make me have a light bulb moment, inspiration and fantasy awakens, which, combined with life experience, becomes interpretations I translate to an artistic expression of my own. Forms of expression that make me reflect upon my own life as well as other’s. When I am travelling, or just shopping in the city, I like to sit on a bench and watch people walking by. It feels kind of magical, catching people in the moment; a movement or an action frozen in time- it is like making the lost becoming eternal. Something to dwell on – stick to - in a continuous stream of moments that races through us.

Technically I work with photography as a background for the paintings. Afterwards, the motives are worked on in Photoshop, then painted with acrylic on canvas.

I have done a number of exhibitions, I am represented by several professional galleries and I have a large audience. I work with photography, Photoshop, collage, acrylic paint, oil crayon, mixed media and lithography. I experiment with different techniques, which together becomes my personal expression.


I an norwegian artist, was born and raised in a small town in Valdres with only a few hundreds of souls. Being raised in such a small place made me long for the world outside of the town, and at the age of seventeen I moved to Oslo. There I educated myself as a graphic designer and after a while I started the design agency Blanke Ark, which I managed for 23 years. I sold the agency in 2012, and now I have got a workshop at Vøyenenga in Bærum, and I work as a full-time artist.

Since the time machine is not invented yet, I place people of our time in a picture that is shot a long time ago. Somewhere back in time, while the moments raced through them, these people were frozen in time through a camera lens. This makes it possible for me to create a memory of them. A story to be told and for others to take part in, and maybe to identify with. In a way, it is nostalgic and sad studying old photographs from bygone times, each photography carries its own story about the everyday life of the people in the photography. One day at Ellis Island when the boat with the immigrants came, a couple saying goodbye during the Second World War, a Sunday stroll at Karl Johans Gate in the eighteen hundreds.

The themes of the paintings have for some years been about the urban, bustling life in the city, where I observe people walking past – people on their way to work, people running short of time, lonely people, on the subway, at a street corner in Harlem, or in a café in East Village. Some people living in the shadows, while others are on the sunny side of the road.

I work in parallel with a series of paintings inspired by Hans Børli’s beautiful poems. He was a poet and a woodsman from Eidskog, and passed away more than twenty years ago.


2016 Sarpsborg Kunstforening
2016 Galleri Soon
2016 Hole Artcenter
2016 Galleri Rønningen
2016 Galleri Ramfjord
2017 Ski Kunstforening

2015 Galleri Ramfjord
2015 Soli Brug - juni
2015 Stunning Pictures
2014 Galleri Syningen
2014 Oslofjorden Kunstsenter
2013 Galleri Gerner, Moss
2013 Hole Artcenter
2013 Oslofjorden Kunstsenter
2013 Hole Artcenter
2012 Galeria Montevieto, Nice

2015 Hole Artcenter
2015 Oslofjorden Kunstsenter
2015 Galleri Ramfjord
2015 Galleri Telemark
2015 Ålesund Kunstforening
2015 Galleri Rønningen
2015 Oslofjorden Kunstsenter
2014 Galleri Ramfjord
2014 Hole Artcenter
2014 Oslofjorden Kunstsenter
2014 Artgate, Sandvika
2013 Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo
2013 Oslofjorden Kunstsenter,
2012 Oslofjorden Kunstsenter,
2012 Galleri Perrongen, Lier
2011 Agora Gallery, New York
2011 Galleri Kjeldaas, Oslo

Galleri Ramfjord
Soli Brug
Galleri Soon
Galleri Gerner
Hole Artcenter
Oslofjorden Kunstsenter
Stunning Pictures
Galleri Rønningen
Maerz Contemporary


2016 Sarpsborg Kunstforening
2016 Oslofjorden Kunstsenter
2016 Gulden Kunstverk
2016 Galleri Soon
2016 Hole Artcenter
2016 Galleri Rønningen
2016 Galleri Ramfjord
2017 Ski Kunstforening

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abdelfattah ameen (dode)

abdelfattah ameen wrote on January 31, 2018 22:14:

You have wonderful works of art, filled with deep thoughts

Johannes Huinink (johann_i)

Johannes Huinink wrote on December 06, 2015 15:59:

Thank you very much, Randi !

Luke Gilliam (lukegilliam)

Luke Gilliam wrote on December 03, 2015 10:42:

Thank you Randi !!!!!

Margareta Jungerth Boo (jungerthb)

Margareta Jungerth Boo wrote on December 03, 2015 08:03:

Thanks for the favorite!

Randi Kristin Strand (RandiStrand)

Randi Kristin Strand wrote on December 03, 2015 06:17:

Hi Marten, thank you very much for liking my work!!!

Marten Tonnis (martentonnis)

Marten Tonnis wrote on December 03, 2015 03:18:

Hi Randi Kristin, thank you very much for liking my work!!!