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Roberto Zizzo (RobertoZizzo)

Roberto Zizzo (RobertoZizzo)

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G Recht  (GRecht)

G Recht wrote on January 02, 2012 21:14:

Dear Roberto Zizzo,

although some of our fellows here do consider yer artworx to be somekinda raw & tasteless (see comments below), I did pick a few for my row of favs...

Art`s allways polarizing.

I hope ya do not mind :-)).

Stay inspired!


Mirek Antoniewicz (mirekart)

Mirek Antoniewicz wrote on January 02, 2012 17:38:

very bad taste, I do not like it

Michael B. (MitchvanBraun)

Michael B. wrote on January 02, 2012 13:00:

in hohem Maße geschmacklos