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Chintia Kirana (Tia)

Chintia Kirana (Tia)

"Art is like food, I can't get enough of it because there are so many flavor!"


People always ask me why I wanted to be an artist. To me, art is a story, a memory, a passion, a love of creating something beautiful, and a means to express my feelings.


Arts in Alabama, 2011
Art Buzz 2010 Collection
Studio Visit Magazine. Spring 2010 Edition
River Region Artists, 2005

  • Gianfranco Ferlazzo (Pittore)
  • rafal karcz (karczraf)
  • Khairy Hirzalla (Khairy)
  • max jones (maxwutzler11111)
  • Francois Foucras (foucras)
  • Pete Nawara (petenawara)
  • Nakamura Ryoichi (Ryoichi)
  • russ havard (russ)
  • Jochen Hein (Jochen_Hein)
  • Farnoosh Ashrafi (Farnoosh)
  • peer boehm (peerboehm)
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peer boehm (peerboehm)

peer boehm wrote on June 04, 2010 15:45:

thank you for your friendlly comment..

peer boehm (peerboehm)

peer boehm wrote on April 03, 2010 18:10:

dear chitia,
thank you for the favorites.

patrick  jennings (painterpat)

patrick jennings wrote on February 26, 2010 21:49:

Thanks chintia for your comments, love your work, best wishes