Vincenzo Balsamo (VincenzoBalsamo)

Vincenzo Balsamo (VincenzoBalsamo)

The sign, the light and the colour are the main elements of my art. To me, painting is like playing a sort of expressive game, it is an operation that I perform under the sign of grace and lightness. The images come out from a dream that could be called "The place where the geometric lines and imagination live together". The sign outlines the form, the colour connotes the emotional field, the light dematerializes the vision that appears unobjective just apparently.
Thanks to my Mediterranean origins, I have discovered the beauty of the light and the infinity of the black line that separates the sky and the sea at the horizon. All of those elements have a deep, inner, mystical and philosophical value.
In my works lives a part of myself, an inspiring emotion: a dream or a thought, the past or the present, a song, classical or modern music or simply the eternal emotion of the waves.
My hand seems to be guided by a "superior" willing, I paint in symbiosis with the canvas, while the external world becomes extraneous to me... My ideas are expressed as a synthesis and I immortalize my memories on the painted surfaces so that the observer's interpretation can bring them to life.
My artworks could contain messages, but I prefer to leave each visitor free to see and to feel what he wants and prefers. To me, the first point is not to leave a particular message, but to create an emotion and I am really happy when someone tells me that a picture of mine has given him a vivid emotion.
...Maybe I paint what we know to be existing, but we do not really see or touch, in form of synthesis and actual thought. Light is life. I always find new and insightful stimuli in the light and the luminescence is the way to enter into my world through a complete participation.
I love to use the oil on canvas technique, but I also paint using tempera and/or watercolours on paper.
I like painting etchings, too. After printing, I paint with watercolours many of my etchings.


(Painter/Engraver) Vincenzo Balsamo (Brindisi 27, June 1935 - Rome 1, May 2017), Italy. He lived in Rome, Paris, Verona, now he lives in Corchiano, Italy. He studied at the San Giacomo Art School, Rome. Main exhibitions took place at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, National Gallery of Modern Art, X National Quadrennial, Chiostro del Bramante - (Rome); European Biennial - DUBROVNIK; Découvertes Nef Victor, Carrousel du Louvre - (Paris); "Santa Apollonia" Art Center Venezia, Nagahama Museum - (Japan); Museum of Modern Art - Arezzo; Matalon Museum - Milan; 4th Beijing International Art Biennial; Modern Art Gallery - Cento; Lu.C.C.A. Center of Contemporary Art - Lucca; A.C. Art Museum Beijing, Yixing Art Museum, Guangzhou Mayland Art Gallery, European Commission - Brussels; Art Fairs: Shanghai, Miami, New York, Canton, Moscow, New Delhi, Los Angeles, KIAF, Beijing, Toronto, In Arco, London, Bologna; Milano, Torino, Verona, etc.; and several participations in biennial/triennial of print.
Vincenzo Balsamo paints since the fifties. His first artworks are figurative paintings. They regard Italian landscapes (Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, Campania) particularly intense and intimate where the pictorial technique, composed by vibrant brush strokes, delights in a sort of play of fantastic tonalities.
During the seventies Balsamo stops painting figurative works: It is the so-called “first abstraction” period where he actually returns to the coloured background of the landscapes, but without a hint of figuration and separated by a black sign that becomes the texture of the memory. During the late seventies Balsamo researches and experiments.
Decomposizioni (1975-76) are informal, material, full bodied works, harsh in their pictorial expression.
Nebulose (1977-78) are not envisaged as a celestial world, but as a mental and internal journey in search of the right balance between the gestural mark and - alongside and upon - the colour.
Evocazioni (1978-79) are complex and introspective works characterized by strangely deformed, surreal and fantastic figures, symptoms of weariness and doubt.
In the early eighties Balsamo strives to regain his expressive thought and spends time at his easel in order to rediscover a new, more congenial world. It is the so-called “second abstraction” period and he paints works inspired by an abstract-cubistic concept.
In 1987 begins the “Lyrical Abstraction” phase where the sign, the colour and the light are made up among them as if they would peer into the human "I"


- BRINDISI, "Civic Centre" - Italy

- ROME, "Il Camino" Gallery, 2 - 12 March - Italy

- ROME, "Zizzari" Gallery - Italy
- MILAN MARITTIMA, "La Bottega" Gallery - Italy

- ZURIGO, "Burdeke" Gallery - SWISS
- CARPI, "Del Ridotto" Gallery, 28 February - 11 March - Italy

- ROME, "T. Volsci" Gallery, 10 - 21 May - Italy

- ZURIGO, "Burdeke" Gallery - SWISS
- TARANTO, "Magna Grecia" Gallery, 24 June - 5 July - Italy
- OSTUNI (BR), City-Hall - Italy

- BARI, "La Bussola" Gallery - Italy
- GENOA, "Carlevaro" Gallery - Italy

- PALERMO, "La Vetrinetta" Gallery - Italy
- TURIN, "Viotti" Gallery, 30 May - 12 June - Italy
- ROME, "Lisi" Gallery - Italy
- ROME, "Zizzari" Gallery - Italy

- RAVENNA, "Le Arti" Gallery, 20 February - 9 March - Italy

- ROME, "Tevere" Gallery - Italy

- GENZANO (ROME), "Infiorata Exhibitions Halls" - Italy

- ROME, "Campaiola" Gallery - Italy
- ROME, "MR" Gallery - Italy
- HAMBURG, Forum "Kunst Messe" - Germany
- ASIAGO, "Excelsior" Gallery - Italy
- NICE, Palais des Exposition - "Art Jonction International" - France

- VENICE, Vincenzo Balsamo "Sintesia", "Santa Apollonia" Art Centre, Solo Show,
7 July-2 August - Italy

- GENZANO (ROME), "Panna" Gallery - Italy
- MILAN, "International Contemporary Art" - Italy
- ROME, Expò of ROME - Italy

- BOLOGNA, "Art Fair" - Italy
- FLORENCE, "Attualissima" Fortezza da Basso - Italy

- PARIS, "Découvertes" Porte de Versailles - Nef Victor, 23-28 March - France
- PARIS, "Lansberg" Gallery - France
- CANNES, Palais des Festival "Art Jonction" - France

- ROMA, "Vincenzo e Roberto Balsamo due generazioni a confronto" "SOUTHERN Art Gallery" 14 December-12 January 1995 - Italy
- FINALE LIGURE, "ValenteArteContemporanea" Gallery, Solo Show, 8 July-8 September - Italy
- BARI, Levante Fair "Art Expò " - Italy

- NEUILLY, "Centre Hospitalier" - France
- GENEVA, Palaexpo "Europ'Art" - SWISS
- GENT, "Line Art Gent" International Art Fair- Belgium
- L'AQUILA, Vincenzo Balsamo "The singing color", Abruzzo Museum-Spanish Castle, "Anthological
Exhibition", from 1959 to 1996", 28 September-28 October - Italy
- ARPINO (FR), Vincenzo Balsamo "The singing color", Boncompagni Ducal Palace, "Anthological Exhibition", from 1959 to 1996", 9 November-5 January 1997 - Italy

- BAGNOCAVALLO (RA), Vincenzo Balsamo "The singing color", Polyvalent Centre, "Anthological Exhibition", from 1959 to 1996", 16 March-6 April - Italy
- ROME, Vincenzo Balsamo "The singing color", Egypt Academy, "Anthological Exhibition", from 1959 to 1996" - Italy
- MANTOVA, Vincenzo Balsamo "The singing color", Ducal Palace - Isabella of Este Rooms, "Anthological Exhibition", from 1959 to 1996", 12 April-4 May - Italy
- SPOLETO, Vincenzo Balsamo "The singing color", Two Worlds Festival - "Gianluigi Fontana" International Art Gallery, 26 June-27 July - Italy

- PORDENONE, "Pordenone Art Fair" - Italy
- PADOVA, "Art Expò '98" - Italy
- CUNEO, "Tronci" Gallery - Italy

- VERONA, "70" Gallery - Italy
- BARI, Levante Fair "Art Expò" - Italy
- FORTE dei MARMI, "Faustini Arte" Gallery - Italy
- FERRARA, "Studio d'Arte Melotti" Gallery, Solo Show, 13 February-14 March - Italy
- VENICE, "International Contemporary Art" - Italy
- ATLANTA, "Recent Paintings", Tula Art Center - Galleria San Marco, July 9 - September 8, Georgia - U.S.A
- PARIS, "Carrousel du Louvre" - France
- VERONA, "C&S Arte" Studio - Italy
- PADOVA, "Art Expò '99", Solo Exhibition - Italy

- CHIERI (TO), Vincenzo Balsamo "NONSOLOASTRAZIONE", "Cornici e Design" Gallery 4 - 30 November - Italy
- CUNEO, "Tronci" Gallery - Italy
- VELLETRI (ROME), "Porta Napoletana", Solo Show - Italy

- GENOA, Orsini Palace - Italy
- TURIN, "RonchiVerdi" Circle , Solo Show - Italy
- BRUXELLES, Palace of "European Parliament", Solo Show - Belgium
- VERONA, "Kahn Art" Gallery - Italy
- NAGAHAMA,"Nagahama Museum", Solo Show within the "Artists Club Exhibition 2001", 2001.11/1-11/15 - Japan

- MESSINA, "Conca d'Oro" Gallery , by Personal Collection "Works years '60" - Italy
- FINALE LIGURE (SV), Vincenzo Balsamo, "The light spot of the fluctuation", Chiostri S. Caterina - Oratorio de' Disciplinanti in Final Borgo, Anthologycal Exhibition, 24 August-29 September - Italy
- FINALE LIGURE (SV), Vincenzo Balsamo, "the memory pathways", "ValenteArteContemporanea"
Gallery, Works on Paper, 24 August-29 September - Italy
- MILAN, "Telemarket" Show Room, "The labyrinths of the colour" - Italy
- TURIN, "Telemarket" Show Room , "The labyrinths of the colour" - Italy

- SUZZARA (MN), "Pont - Aven" Cultural Association of Contemporary Art , "Il Segno e il Colore" 18 January-2 February - Italy
- VITERBO, Miralli Gallery, "The unlikely dogma identity", Works on Paper - Italy
- VITERBO, Chigi Palace, "The unlikely dogma identity", Works on Canvas - Italy

- FREMANTLE (Perth), Greh James Sculpture Studio Gallery, "Vincenzo Balsamo", Mostra personale - Australia

- FERRARA, "MINI" (Unpublished Works of small size), "Melotti Art Studio" Gallery 23 April-22 May - Italy
- TURIN, "Archivio di Stato", Anthologycal Exhibition, "The Odyssey of light and colur", (works from 1955 to 2005), 6-30 September - Italy
- MONTICHIARI (BS), "13nd Contemporary National Art Fair", Anthologycal Solo Exhibition, "Vincenzo Balsamo: The Uncontaminated Charms Of Sign", curated by Claudio Cerritelli - Italy
- VERONA, "art(verona05", "Gallery of Modern Art - Marco Canepa", Solo Exhibition - Italy

- VITERBO, "VITARTE" - Contemporary and Modern Art Fair - Italy
- PIETRASANTA (LU), Vincenzo Balsamo - New Works, "Enrico PAOLI Art Gallery", 8 July-4 August - Italy
- FINALE LIGURE (SV), Vincenzo Balsamo "favola racconto - form/ale", "ValenteArtecontemporanea" Gallery, 27 August-30 September - Italy
- VERONA, "art(verona06", "ValenteArtecontemporanea" Gallery , Solo Exhibition - Italy
- PADOVA, "Art Expò 2006", Solo Exhibition - Italy
- ROME, "R I P A R T E", International Hotel Art Fair - Italy

- MILAN, Vincenzo Balsamo "L'eco musicale della Lyra di Ermes", "Luciana Matalon Foundation Museum", Solo Show, 10 May-8 June - Italy
- MODENA, Vincenzo Balsamo "The Breath of the Infinite", "MOdenArte Gallery" - Anthological Exhibition - Italy
- ISEO (Bs), Vincenzo Balsamo "The Breath of the Infinite", "MOdenArte Gallery" - Works on Paper 5 October-1 December - Italy

- MASSA MARITTIMA (Gr), Vincenzo Balsamo "Tracce Universali", "Palazzo dell'Abbondanza", Solo Show, 18 January- 24 February - Italy
- BOLOGNA, "Tracce Universali", "Bologna Art Hotels", Solo Show - Italy
- NORTH MYMMS (Londra), "Ecstasy Down", Paul Marks and Vincenzo Balsamo, "HF Contemporary Art Gallery" - Uk
- MANTOVA, "The courage of the equilibrium", "Palazzo della Ragione", Solo Show - Italy
- VO' (Pd), "WINE AND ART - The Cabernet 2007 with Vincenzo Balsamo", "Parco del Venda Wine Factory", label show with a little exhibition - Italy

- VITERBO, "VITARTE", "MAG'ARTE" Gallery, 14-16 March, Solo Show - Italy
- PADOVA, "ArtePadova 2009", "Accademia" Gallery, 13-16 November, Solo Show - Italy

- LONDON, "London Art Fair", with the "HF Contemporary Art" Gallery, 13-17 January - UK
- GENOVA, "ArteGenova 2010", "Energenesi" Gallery, 26 February - 1 March - Italy
- PORDENONE, "ARTE Pordenone 2010", "Energenesi" Gallery, 10 - 12 April - Italy
- PESCARA, "Segni di una luce interiore. A colori", "Art Space - Genti d'Abruzzo Museum", Graphic Works from 1990 to 2008, 15 April - 16 May - Italy
- AREZZO, "Alchemies and other lyricism", "Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art", Works from 1989 to 2010, 08 May - 27 June - Italy
- BEIJING, "The 13th Beijing International Art Exposition", "Energenesi" Gallery, 19 - 23 August - China
- CANTON, "Art Canton 2010", "Energenesi" Gallery, 10 - 13 October - China
- MOSCOW, "15th Art Manege Moscow Art Fair 2010", "Energenesi" Gallery, 1 - 5 December - R. Russa

- New Delhi, "The 3rd edition of the India Art Summit™ 2011", "Energenesi" Gallery, 20 - 23 January - India
- CENTO (FE), Vincenzo Balsamo "Isotopies and Changes", "Aroldo Bonzagni" Modern Art Gallery, Solo Show 12 February - 03 April 2011 - Italy
- AREZZO, "Bellezza e verità nella pittura di Vincenzo Balsamo", Solo Show - Works from 1989 to 2009, within, "ARTEXpo Arezzo", 17 - 21 March - Italy
- AREZZO, "ARTEXpo Arezzo 2011", "Energenesi" Gallery, Works on paper, 17 - 21 March - Italy
- BERLIN, Vincenzo Balsamo "The beauty of life", HF Contemporary Art London/Berlin Gallery, Solo Show, 7 May - 4 June 2011 - Germany
- VENEZIA, "Energenesi" Gallery, Solo Show with works on canvas and on paper, 20 May - 20 July - Italy
- VILLAFRANCA di VERONA, "Vincenzo Balsamo. Il codice dei segni", Solo Show, Civic "AUDITORIUM", 24 June - 17 July - Italy
- VENEZIA, "Energenesi" Gallery , solo show with an art works selection, June - August - Italy
- SHANGHAI, "Shanghai Art Fair 2011", "Energenesi" Gallery, 14 - 18 September - China
- TORONTO, "ART TORONTO 2011", "Energenesi" Gallery, October 28-31 - Canada

- LOS ANGELES, "LA Art Show - Los Angeles 2012", "Energenesi" Gallery, 18 - 22 January 2012 - USA
- NEW YORK, "Artexpo New York 2012", "Energenesi" Gallery, 22 - 25 March - USA
- ROMA, Vincenzo Balsamo "The Lyrical Abstraction 1987 - 2012", Chiostro del Bramante - "Le Gallerie - Le Sale" Art Space, Solo Show, 17 July - 13 September - Italy
- SEOUL, "KIAF2012-Korea International Art Fair", "Energenesi" Gallery, 14 - 17 September - South Corea
- LUCCA, "Vincenzo Balsamo. Rewriting the nature", Anthologycal Solo Show, "Lu.C.C.A. Lucca Center of Contemporary Art" from 25 November 2012 to 3 February 2013- Italy

- BRINDISI, 1927 - Brindisi - 2013 "From the memories of the visible to the signs of the infinite", Retrospective Exhibition at:
"Palazzo Granafei Nervegna", from 5 April to 6 May 2013 - Italy
- FROSINONE, "Bellezza e verità", Solo Show, "Villa Comunale", 13 - 26 April - Italy
- BRUSSELS, "The thought becomes sign, the color becomes light", Solo Show at: "European Commission", from 13 May to 27 July - Belgium
- LATINA, "Finalmente l'Arte", Solo Show at: "Ex Garage Ruspi", from 7 to 24 June - Italy
- BRUSSELS, "The thought becomes sign, the color becomes light", Solo Show at: "Monte Paschi Bank", from 1 August to 2 September - Belgium

- VERONA, "Vincenzo Balsamo", Solo Show at: "La Meridiana" Gallery, from 08 to 26 February - Italy
- VERONA, "Vincenzo Balsamo", presentation of the carpet "In & Out" and Solo Show of four large ovals
at: "ARTEP ITALIA - Il Mercante d'Oriente", from 15 to 22 February - Italy
- ROMA, "Vincenzo Balsamo - Last period works", Solo Show, "Banca Fideuram", from 13/06 to 16/09,
2014 - Italy
- CIVITA CASTELLANA, "Vincenzo Balsamo - Forms and Signs", Solo Show, "Ex Carcerette" Exhibition
Hall, September 13-28, 2014 - Italy

- POSTIGNANO (PG), Vincenzo Balsamo "La poetica della Rèverie, tra segno e sogno", Solo Show,
Castello di Postignano, from 23 May to 20 June 2015 – Italy
- GENZANO di ROMA (RM), "Vincenzo Balsamo o il vento Zen che muove il cuore della creazione",
Anthological Exhibition for Genzano's INFIORATA 2015 as guest artist, Palazzo Ducale Sforza Cesarini,
from 30 May to 5 July 2015 – Italy


- POSTIGNANO (PG), Vincenzo Balsamo "The Poetics of Rèverie, between sign and dream", Solo Show,
Castello di Postignano, from 23 May to 20 June 2015 – Italy

- GENZANO di ROMA (RM), "Vincenzo Balsamo or The Zen Wind Stirring the Heart of Creation",
Anthological Exhibition for Genzano's INFIORATA 2015 as guest artist, Palazzo Ducale Sforza Cesarini,
from 30 May to 5 July 2015 – Italy

Vincenzo Balsamo has been selected to take part at:
6th Beijing International Art Biennale, China 2015
National Art Museum of China - Beijing


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