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Wal Brodt (Walbrodt)

Wal Brodt (Walbrodt)

Walbrodt works as a visual artist and performer in unusual areas and with different cooperation partners. It is important for Walbrodt that art's three abilities: uniqueness, irrationality, and responsibility are applied to public space, business, and educational systems. He has been working towards this mission for 20 years. Some examples are: setting up his art atelier in companies' offices, building up white walls in public spaces, presenting events for gifted children, and his solo stage performance Book-Keeping-Dance (Buch-Haltung-Tanz). He is a member of the artist network Barnes Crossing in Cologne. Walbrodt is the 2010 EMA (Economy Meets Art) award recipient with prize money in the amount of 10.000€, for his works “In-Company Atelier” and “ T.A.N.Z. GmbH”. From 2011 to 2013, he collaborated with the head of the administration from the city and region of Aachen. In 2011, he founded CommunityArtWorks together with Jennifer Hoernemann, creating artistic processes and interventions within a social development context.

Experience and skills:Visual artist, Communications consultant,
Performer, Project manager; managing Director, Moderator, Facilitator

Detailed information:


Born 1964 in Hamburg, Germany.

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