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Acrylic on wood panel 10.75" x 8.75" 2016

top Nothing Is What It Seems
top Magic Carpet #13

The images in "Magic Carpet #13" are details of the streets and surfaces of Munich, Germany where I am visiting for a few weeks. However, since art does not have to follow any rules, there is one image in this work that was not taken in Munich!

top Magic Carpet #14

This "Magic Carpet" is also from images of Munich, Germany.

top Mexican Window
top A Walk in Mexico City
top grau-orange
top Second Day

I made coffee this morning.
Cleaned myself then dressed.
The sun stares at me
Through the windshield
And I hear a vague
High pitched whine
Of odd excitement,
I've forgotten my lighter.
Panic screws tight
A little light bulb
Inside my chest.
I breathe deep
Into the continuance
Of cessation and think
Life has become
Less luxurious.

top Snow Glowered Sky

Defunct yet still exclaims
Futures must be
Attended to.
Beware false
Promises of wind.

top Third Day

Inhale for me.
Exhale through your nose.
My nose whistles a bit
And my mind wanders.
But, there is the road -
Long asphalt
Like contentment,
Rolls out over
Prairie hills
Between singular trees.
A return of some
Left me much too
Aware of my mouth
And how it breathes.