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top and all under a pale green dawn
top Tales Untold (installation details)

these are shots from a show we put together of the public art gallery for the city of vernon bc. five Dr. seuss style worm like creatures burst through grass covered floor while the video monitors ran separate video loops that were based on collaging found video to create new loosely jointed narratives. the gallery was fitted with floor to ceiling white cotton curtains. underneath the curtains and covering the floors was astro turf fake grass there was an accompanying sound track which was only heard whist in side the gallery space. the sound track was recordings of the worlds rain forests and created a disjunction from the video narratives and set up a heavily surreal interior environment. his gallery faced out through large windows to the main street allowing viwership 24 hours a day for the duration of the show. the show was installed between march and april of 2008.

top Big Chrome And Cattle

6 feet by 7 feet

top Accidental Landscape

From the Haiku Series
15.7 x 15.7 inches

top The Same River Twice

From the series "The Worn City"
60 x 64 inches

top Photographic Memory II

34 x 36 inches