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Diese Bilder entstanden pleinair während eines Arbeitsaufenthalts im Minenmuseum Dul Michal in Ostrava

top Freedom - Tunisia - Ziad Zitoun - 40x30cm - 2009

Ziad Zitoun is visual artist who works in video art, installations and digital arts. In 2008 he started to develop digital-art pictures and installations with visual art perspectives.

Topics and inspirations of Ziad-Helmi Zitoun turn around migrants rights, trans-borders movements, refugees history them artworks speak about humans rights and human condition of people in movements.

Ziad-Zitoun searchs visual elements which can create an aesthetic of migrant life and freedom of moving people in a Mediterranean area.

top European borders / African misery

A theme about north African revolution and European borders. With a process of pictogram as simple visual arts elements, Ziad Zitoun create aesthetic of contemporary realities of African deportation due of an hard European migrant politic.

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