agata, magdalena sulikowska (agatasulikowska)

agata, magdalena sulikowska (agatasulikowska)


“If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.” - Edvard Hopper.


- 2019, 1 work donated to Universitet in Tromso, Peace and Conflict Transformation(MPCT)
- 2019, 1 work included to KulturHus in Tromso
- 2018, 1 work included to Norwegian collector, Oslo.
- 2018 - “Folkets Barentskjokken Project” run by Agata M. Sulikowska, on "Barents Spektakel 2018", Kikrenes, Norway
- 2017 Collaboration with artist Synvis Glinn Nordin, Tromso, Norway.
- 2017, 1 painting sale to private collection to Katarzyna Sarnicka, Kluczbork, Poland
- 2017 Acrylic painting course for children between 12–15 years old, at Trondjord Skole, Kvaløyvågveien 851, Kvaløya, Trømso, Norway
- 2016, 4 paintings order/sales for "Hildr" Restaurant in Tromso, Norway
- 2015, 1 painting sales to private collection to Gair Emilsen, Tromso, Norway
- 2007 - 2017 Collaboration with Auction House in LODZ, Desa Unicum in Warsaw.

- 2012-2016 Participant of Vanishing Tribes Art Group, together with Juan Fran Torres Rico
- 2015 Artist member in Nord-Norske Bildende Kunstnere(NNBK) Tromso, Norway.
- 2014 Artist member in Troms fylkeskultursenter "Kysten", Tromso, Norway.
- 2008 - 2009 Participant of Battery Heigts Art Group, Athlon, Irelad.
- 2006 - 2007 Practice as an art teacher at Kluczbork Community Centre, at street Mickiewicza 5, Kluczbork, Poland
- 2004 – 2005 Practice as an art teacher at Complex of Schools No. 3 of the Socio–Educational Association of Lodz, at street Babickiego 15, Poland
- 17 December 2007 - Dyploma, with the final grade, very good with honours at ASP, Lodz, Poland.
- 2002-2007 - Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Lodz, Poland,
Faculty of Visual Educations.
- 2001-2002 - Apprenticeship with Pawel Hajncel, known as a "Czlowiek Motyl" studio, Lodz, Poland.


- Man in The Public Space,- Residency, Gallery Ask, Åsgårdstrand, Norway.
- Festival Experiment – Out of Cycle Province 18”, Art Centre Baszta, Zbaszyn, Poland

- ”Urban Movement” opening Nordlysfestivalen exhibition 25 January 2019, three man show: Elind Rui Lone Blix, Kai Mørk Mortense, Agata Magdalena Sulikowska, Kulturhuset, Tromsø, Norway.

- Tromso OPEN 4, POP UP Gallery Skippergata 1, Tromso, Norway.
- II Przegląd Sztuki Współczesnej Nowa Awangarda, The Wilson Shaft Gallery, Katowice, Poland
- BIAS 2018, International Biennial of Contemporary Sacred Art, ”La Porta”, Palermo, Italy.

- "Grand Prix - Fundacji im. Franciszki Eibisch 2017, Art Gallery Katarzyny Napiórkowskiej, Warsaw, Poland
- IV Niezalezny Salon Lodzkich Mlodych Tworcow, Museum City of Lodz, Poland.
– IV Niezalezny Salon Lodzkich Mlodych Tworcow, Gallery ASP, Lodz, Poland
– The Dance of Reality - Agata M. Sulikowska, Nathanaël Gustin, Silvia E. Martinez, Loft, Kysten, Troms fylkeskultursenter, Tromso, Norway.
– " La Folie Des Grandeurs – Agata M. Sulikowska & Nathanaël Gustin, Beates Black Box, Kunstforening Tromsø, Norway

– "ART NOW", group exhibition, The National Museum in Krakow, Poland.

- "Temporary Memories", group exhibition:Agata Sulikowska(Poland), Isadora Cuellar(Mexico), Maria Gallo(Peru), Silvia E. Martinez(Argentinian-Canadian),pop-up Gallery Veita Center, Tromos, Norway.
- "Avtrykk- Uttrykk- Impressions" group exhibition, Graphics Workshop "Prima Ink" show their work in an exhibition at Troms County Cultural Center. Tromso. Norway.

- 2=TO=OPEN TROMSO 3-6 april 2014 - group exhibition, Gamle Bangsundbrygga and Kysten Atelierelleskap Tromso, Norway.
Printmaking Workshop Studio of prof. Thomas Chojnacki, Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz(1989-2013), a group exhibition at Art Promotion Centre, Lodz, Poland
Park. H.Sienkiewicza
vernissage: 07/01/2014, h. 18.00
07.02.2014 - 09.03.2014

- A group exhibition, 23th June, art exhibition in a private home Christa Schell, Leibnizstrasse, Bornhein, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
- "...wir fahr´n nach Lodz! " - a group exhibition,
from November 2012 until Jun 2013.
• Nürnberg(Krakauer Haus und Turm)
• Stuttgart(Haus des Landtags)
• Leipzig(Airport Leipzig/Halle, Zentralterminal)
• Köln(Galerie des Grundbesitzerverein)

- "Show of pictures in Lofoten" individual exhibition, Gjestegard Restaurant, Ramberg - Lofoten, Norway
-"ART POETRY&MUSIC" a group exhibition with Ase Kristin Urdal-piano, Juan Fran Torres-gitar, Hans Rune Fuhr-sculpture and poetry, Agata Sulikowska-paintings, Gaupne hotel, Gaupne, Norway,

-Proscenium Art' Exhibition, a group exhibition showing as a Fringe Event for the RTE All Ireland Drama Festival, Reeves Art Studio, Athlone, Ireland (

- Work in Progress, collective paint exhibition Battery Heights Art Group, Athlone, Ireland
- Participation in XIII International Biennial of Small Graphic Form and Exlibris in Ostrow Wielkopolski, Museum of City , Poland
- "V Concurso Pintura Rapida Villa de Ibi", paint exhibition, Centre of Culture, Ibi, Spain
- The Painting of Public Space, collective paint exhibition, Gallery PROFIL, Poznan, Poland

- PO=ROWNANIA 2008 collective paint exhibition with Sebastian Kularski and Roksana Kularska-Krol, Gallery XX Centry a House Habitat Creative in Kielce, Poland
- Exhibition Drum and Bass Pub Biddy Mulligans, Athlone, Ireland
- ASP Year 2007, Exhibition of Best Masters Diploma Art Works in 2007 at Strzeminski Academy of Art and Design in Lodz, Museum of Center, Poland

-Colorfull Kazimierz - Roksana Kularska-Krol and Paranoi Dream - Agata Sulikowska painting exhibition In Youth Tallent Gallery, Art Market, Lodz, Poland
- Participation in XII International Biennial of Small Graphic Form and Exlibris in Ostrow Wielkopolski, City Museum, Poland
- Prof T. Chojnacki Print Studio, student exhibition, Gallery Kuvataideakatemian, Helsinki, Finland

- Prof T. Chojnacki Print Studio, student exhibition, Strzeminski Academy of Art and Design, Lodz, Poland

-Open Workshops, Art Book Museum, Lodz, Poland
- Painting of the Year, internet exhibition(
- Charity Auction of student's artwork for Anna Maria Hospital, Art Museum Ksiezy Mlyn, Lodz, Poland

- Open Workshops, Art Book Museum, Lodz, Poland
- Open Gallery, Gallery Opus, Lodz, Poland

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