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My work departs from the fascination for a material: the metal.

I use chemical acids, flame, pigments to arrive to a not conventional landscapes that remember images of universes and distant , almost attenuate, desert planets.

I study the tonalities of the rust up to the search of the border that is found among the expression of the rusted iron and the point in which I start to see a figuration in it.

Conceptually what interests me it is to get a result on the border between the figuration and an informal relationship with the subject, the work seems a natural concretion created only by the nature, without human imprint ,but at the same time that illustrates and narrates an image.

The nature, the landscape acquires therefore a double meaning: how subject worthy of rappresentation,of copy but at the same time as what through doing comes germinating and incredibly composing itself on the surface of the metal.


As from a feverish darkening, from a confusion of the creative casualness landscapes from the end of the world appear on the surface. Or from liquid beginning of everything.

For border the imponderable horizon. Place of a regeneration and only geometric measure of the infinity. As the only presentiment in an apocalyptic and metallic desert.

Tonetto Aleph is on the evanescent threshold among the figuration conquered then denied there and the fascinating memory of an informal gesture. It has an abstraction of resistance.
As who spy with once from immortal, dilated and vague, the secret concretions of a stalactite, an erosion that gives the name to the chaos, that invents a world from a stain.
The faber job is in the waiting of a consumption of the subject like rust on the passing things, in the poetry of the correct moment, in the illusory and malinconic arresting a trial. Then the iron; then the purifying fire of Efesto in the hands that it melts, fold, tames, it transforms and it transfigures; the incision that orders, the scratch, the corrosion.
Almost an alchemical making. The genesis is all there, in the beauty of the trial.
The whole brutality of the creations and the pregnant void of possibility of the degree zero.
After all, the end and the beginning are only a trial, a perspective.

Simonetta Angelini - critical of art


"Non Common places", collective show organized by the association Le Bas Bleu in Padua, Venice and Belluno, with an installation video from the title " Distorted gym of Ames."
Shared to "Open Studio", collective show organized by Academy of Venice in collaboration with the Biennal exhibition.

"Omaggio a Casale"-second prize of the contest of painting.

Personal show "Martes" in the Cultural Center Estrada in Treviso.
"Dall' Accademia alla Fornace"-collective show in Asolo (TV).
"Open Studio" edited by Academy of Belle Arti of Venice.

"C as China" collective show organized by The Messenger of China.
Rassegna Bice-Bugatti-Segantini in Milan.
Talents, collective show organized in Salerno.
Italian Feelings, collective show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Usa.
"Artefatto- blitz estetico" collective show organized in Trieste.
"Nuova Voce" collective show organized by the Foundation Correggiari in Bari on the occasion of the Fair of the East.
Art in Fair, show market of contemporary art in Longarone (Belluno).
“Orange calls Italy” collective show organized by association Orange in Bergamo.
“Artemisia 2008” collective show organized in Ancona by associazione Artemisia.

Openart 09, exposition in Rome, Sale del Bramante.
“Trasparenti Variazioni”, collective exposition, chiesetta di Badoere(TV) organized by Arianta.
Open#1, exposition organized by Sale Docks at “i Magazzini del Sale”, Venice.
“Mix the Amalgamation” Turn-Berlin gallery, Berlin Mitte, Germany.
“XPower Gallery” International Art competition, collective expo in Beverly Hills, CA,USA

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Tom Benkendorff (tombenkendorff)

Tom Benkendorff wrote on August 24, 2011 09:24:

Hi Aleph,
Thank you for adding my artworks for your favorites. I am really sorry that I have not thanked you sooner as I was away for a week attending to family matters.
All the best - I will get back to you soon.

Gianfranco Ferlazzo (Pittore)

Gianfranco Ferlazzo wrote on August 21, 2011 01:19:

Grazie e davvero complimenti! Tutto il meglio:))

Jochen Hein (Jochen_Hein)

Jochen Hein wrote on August 06, 2011 19:56:

It´s obvious that I love your rust.
Best, Jochen