top Ultimo giorno d'estate
top Sehnsuchtsimpuls

impulse for longing

top Tageswerk

A day´s work

top Trunks.

collage made out with root shapes.

top Flakes

This is an installation for a certain room.

top At the market
top O, Nacht!

O Nacht! Ich nahm schon Kokain
und Blutverteilung ist im Gange,
das Haar wird grau, die Jahre fliehn,
ich muß, ich muß im Überschwang
noch einmal vorm Vergängnis blühn.

Gottfried Benn

top Mutant Survivor

"Ionizing radiation has always been with us and will be for all foreseeable time. Our genetic system is probably well adjusted by natural selection to normal background radiation. Added radiation will increase the frequency of mutations; most of these will be harmful. Exposure to radiation in large amounts will increase malignant disease; small amounts may possibly do the same. In view of these potentially harmful effects every reasonable effort should be made to reduce the levels of ionizing radiation to which man is exposed to to the lowest levels that can reasonably be attained."

George Wells Beadle