top Frosty evening.

Frosty evening.
oil on canvas,
60x80 cm., 2012.

top Lapland road.

Lapland road.
oil on canvas, 50x70 cm.,

top Garden of Stones.

Garden of Stones.
oil on canvas, 80x100 cm.,

top dubiousRelease1

part of 'release' series. spontaneous, emotional expression of a most abject recent experience.

top bahunkisDead!
top solitary2

drawing. with toothpaste, drink mix, coffee. raw, part of solitary series from the joint.

top jumpingPalimpsestA

Painting, mixed media,
ongoing palimpsest

top felon5

oil, mixed-media and pencil on canvas

top 17 Mile Drive - California 3-4