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My art reflects myself as an artist, and my experiences as woman coming of age in her sexuality and emotional maturity. The pieces are made from paper and fabric, the issues I deal with are serious, but the intention of the artwork is not to invoke desperation or sadness. As serious as the subject matters are, I strove to keep the piece lighted-hearted with twists of my own humor – thus, my reincarnation as
‘The Vag.’ Throughout the piece, ‘The Vag’ goes on journey after journey of self-discovery, sexual emancipation (with her vibrator ‘The Beav’), suffers from a spine crawling infestation of scabies, and recovers from a destructive relationship with an ex-lover. Throughout it all, she, ‘The Vag’ grows and grows till she finally flourishes to her greatest capacity.

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These cute characters are in the middle of a heated discussion about the purpose of art...