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top Enveloppe charnelle

This painting is the beginning of a work on "Carnel enveloppe" in wich I want to express the visual and tactil sensations about the body, specially about the skin.

top Man in tree (Reprise)

There’s a man hanging from a tree.
How he got there, nobody knew.
It was the morning of September third,
When people noticed him while passing through.

They were pointing and screaming,
Then the cops showed up.
They redirected the traffic,
But it all came to a stop.

What’s your name, Mister?
Yelled one cop.
What did happen to you?
Who the hell did tie you up?

God did, Sir, the man then said,
I’ve been bad during most of my life,
Trying to please some people,
Whom I’ve loved with all my strife.

Well then, said the cop.
We’ll find you a very long ladder,
Until then, you’ll stay put,
Unless you want to hang there forever.

top Montagne - 5