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David Konigsberg (dkonigsberg)

David Konigsberg (dkonigsberg)


Kenise Barnes Fine Art
Larchmont New York

Fetherston Gallery
Seattle WA

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ludmilla között bambula között (milla)

ludmilla között bambula között wrote on July 05, 2020 06:01:

David - ich bin begeistert ganz tolle Arbeiten .. beeindruckend . .. tief, kraftvoll . danke

Paul Murphy (cameraartist291)

Paul Murphy wrote on October 08, 2017 16:31:

You have an incredible sense of light and a gifted hand!

Luke Gilliam (lukegilliam)

Luke Gilliam wrote on July 27, 2015 18:30:

Thank you for the feedback !! I will try some experiments. Greetings Luke

Luke Gilliam (lukegilliam)

Luke Gilliam wrote on July 26, 2015 07:16:

Absolutely love your work - without giving away all your secrets - what is the first step to make a thing person or subject look blurry. I really dont understand this yet you make it look so easy? Any thoughts appreciated. Luke

Marten Tonnis (martentonnis)

Marten Tonnis wrote on October 10, 2013 13:20:

Congrats with the fave of the day!!!

Marten Tonnis (martentonnis)

Marten Tonnis wrote on April 27, 2013 10:06:

Your work is superb !!!! My favorite on Artdoxa. Best regards.

David Konigsberg (dkonigsberg)

David Konigsberg wrote on February 21, 2013 11:51:

Francois, you have a sharp eye. The producers of that dumb movie made reproductions of a few paintings and used them in one of the apartments. The camera couldn't tell they were fakes, but they were really bad to the eye. (They used fakes so they wouldn't have to pay for insurance). Living in Bklyn you do get that from time to time, because there are so many movies and shows in production. Gossip Girl, the big TV hit, silly as it was, made a point of renting from living NYC artists, even some famous ones. They used real work, were very careful and respectful, and paid quite well.

Francois Foucras (foucras)

Francois Foucras wrote on February 21, 2013 09:56:

Hi David, yesterday I watched a dumb movie shot in NYC whose name I forgot. It's about two guys exchanging their lives with one another. I'm pretty sure I saw "farmhouse #6" on the wall of an apartment and maybe other paintings of yours. Is that pure chance or you got a contract? Anyway, I like your work and I'm happy to have found it there... Blessings

David Konigsberg (dkonigsberg)

David Konigsberg wrote on October 30, 2012 12:59:

Thanks. But feeling heartsick at the moment. NYC after the hurricane is a mess. Wish us luck.

Jonas Pettersson (jonaspettersson)

Jonas Pettersson wrote on October 30, 2012 10:28:

Very nice works David!

Marilyn Kirsch (artist183)

Marilyn Kirsch wrote on May 09, 2012 15:33:

Many thanks David!!

andré schmucki  (andreschmucki)

andré schmucki wrote on April 03, 2012 09:10:

greetings ;) - wonderful paintings!

Thorsten Dittrich (thorstendittrich)

Thorsten Dittrich wrote on May 24, 2011 00:36:

Wonderful works...combining traditional painting with contemporary ideas. Love it.

- Sheila (Sheila)

- Sheila wrote on December 08, 2009 00:35:

Thank you for the treat !

David Konigsberg (dkonigsberg)

David Konigsberg wrote on September 08, 2009 23:31:

Yes, flying and levitation are preoccupations, it seems. Can't seem to shake them.

Svens Kuzmins (vogelmeister)

Svens Kuzmins wrote on September 08, 2009 23:17:

I like the way you capture those clouds AND how concerned you are about flying & levitation.