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Mari is a feminine numen in the form of an elegant and wonderful lady, endowed with a mysterious and fascinating power, which in turn is an idyllic source of inspiration. It is the most important genius of Basque mythology, being a tectonic mythological character lives underground, and comes to the surface by caves and chasms. Most of the time she shows herself in the form of a beautiful woman, personifies the forces of nature, and with her power, gives balance to these. It is the feminine personification of the earth, the queen of Nature and all its components. As a goddess she has the capacity to impose justice, severely punishing men who act with evil, defender of honesty and very severe with injustice. Among its missions is to punish lies, theft, pride, not to comply with the given word, not respect people and arrogance, but rewards the help of others, succor its followers but punishes those who do not believe in her.

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In Basque mythology Adur is the luck or tendency that designates the power to do things at a distance, own fundamentally of the witches and magicians. We humans also have it and it serves to dominate the mythological beings.

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Cyclops anthropomorphic, gigantic, with only one eye in the middle of the forehead with anthropophagic customs and terrifying behavior. It is perverse, of wild instincts and very aggressive. It feeds on sheep, children and even adults from time to time. It lives in the mountains and its size is huge as is its strength.