top frauen sticken männer welten  - deer pass-  33,762 stitches

33,762 cross-stitches, each 3 x 3 mm

deer pass - women stitching mens world
you have to stay away at least 7 meters to see clearly

top man muß sich es ganz ohne traurigkeit vorstellen
top i wish that without me your heart would break
top a heart of gold and a face so pale ...

a heart of gold and a face so pale with a second hand dress and lips of a temptress.

top sie interessiert sich nicht für die uhrzeit
top Wer, wenn ich schriee, hörte mich denn aus der Engel Ordnungen?
top familie - jedes jetzt hat seine eigene erinnerung

die geschichte existiert nicht. jedes jetzt hat seine eigene erinnerung

[...] der lateinische begriff familia (die hausgemeinschaft), abgeleitet von lat. famulus (der haussklave), bezeichnete ursprünglich den besitz eines mannes (des pater familias), den gesamten hausstand: seine ehefrau, kinder, sklaven und freigelassene sowie den fisch.

top merging 6

from a serie of 9 figures

top Grainery (Holga)

Hopefully you aren't getting tired of this building as I know i'm not. It seems to look different in every photo.

Taken with the Holga 120 film. Originally colour film but i took out what little saturation there was. The film I'm shooting is very much expired but it was free. Also, if it continues to yield such photos might as well keep with it!

Double exposure, taking the shot with the camera upright, then again with it upside down trying to line it up. This is -not- photoshopped! It's a classic photographic technique. [well ok..taking out the saturation was photoshop but that isnt anything amazing either.]