top Bedddingwood #5

I am fascinated of a form that is described as docufiction—fiction in the form of a documentary—and something that can mess with your head.

The starting point for this series was two huge industry halls at an abandoned shipyard, situated in Fredrikstad (FMV).

The images creates some sort of a “hyper realism” – a realism that at all times is anchored through documentation, but that at the same time creates a fictive zone that makes possible retrospective as well as sideways views onto the real world. I’ve worked associatively and let the rooms tell me what shall happen to them.

Today these halls have been thorn down. In that perspective “Beddingwood” becomes just a quiet contemplation over something that is gone forever.

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Aus der Serie:
"Bügelbilder" 2008

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Aus der Serie: "Bügelbilder" 2008

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exhibition in the frapant building hamburg, 1st august 2009.

top untitled, series"night reflection"
top untitled, series"night reflections"

limited edition of 10