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During my day job as a news photographer I often bump my camera's shutter release while walking along, jockeying into position among the TV guys or tossing my camera onto the car seat following an assignment.

About eight years ago I began to notice how interesting those accidental exposures looked and started saving them. In some the subject is recognizable, sort of, as a door frame or the dash of my car, yet most are complete abstractions of light and color, caught by a very slow shutter speed and lack of focus.

I have been pondering what I can do with these fortunate accidents, because I would hardly call them "Art," which by necessity would imply at least a degree of individual creativity. The trash in a dumpster is just trash; does bringing it into a gallery and stacking it in little piles make it art?

Anyway, these are triptychs of the an individual full-frame digital image, elongated to make three 11x14-inch panels, but otherwise unmanipulated.

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Two glass jars, 30x65x30 cm each, part of a larger installation piece.

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