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Peter Jacobs (finearts)

Peter Jacobs (finearts)

Collage has always been the most natural visual language for me to formalize expression.

On March 31st 2005, I created a 9 by 12 inch collage using that day's local newspaper, and have continued that process without interruption every day since.

The Collage Journal is now in its sixth year. I produce a collage every day solely created from the images and texts of that day's newspaper. The Journal's 1876 collages reside in over 156 Strathmore books. I have thus-far used 30 cutting boards and 215 Exacto blades, and 144 glues-sticks and cut myself twice. It has become integrated in my daily life as a meditation, contemplation and re-evaluation of culture and identity. The relentless stream of the media creates cultural tastes, fears and self-realization. My collages re-construct these perspectives creating new visual and sociological landscapes. I abstract small truths and intuitively build visual rhythms that imbue surreal narratives, humor and symbolism. These works say a lot about who I am, the world we live in, and how we perceive and process media.


Peter Jacobs, who has been involved with the art of collage for nearly two decades, has developed a complex visual language that seeks to reconcile the rational with the irrational. Jacobs’ collages are usually comprised of spliced images applied to an architectonic framework. The stability of the architectural foundation allows him to juxtapose incongruous elements that, in spite of themselves, produce a singular cohesive vision. Instinctively the artist seems to assert the primacy of visual relationships over knowledge: in his world it is color, line and space – not reason – that are determinants of logic.

An accomplished photographer as well, Jacobs uses both printed matter and excerpts from his own photographs as the raw material in his collage work. The assemblages move in vertical, horizontal, and circular directions, alternating in a series of sometimes stammering, sometimes smooth rhythmic patterns. The artist also achieves an unusual interplay between hard-edged geometric shapes and more fluid organic forms. This unique combination of contextual and textural shifts creates a distinct pictorial style that invites the viewer to travel within each composition.



2008 The McGraw Gallery, Newark Academy, Livingston NJ, ?The Collage Journal: Three Years? September 1- 27

2008 Luna Stage, Montclair, NJ Installation of five silk Collage Prints in conjunction with Theater?s Play,?Elliot A Soldier?s Fugue?

2008 Ben Shan Gallery, Wayne, NJ American Impressions: Contemporary American Printmaking 2008 Curated by Orfelia Garcia

2008 Kent Place Gallery, Summit, NJ Against Nature Jan. 10 –Feb 6

2007 Firehouse Art Gallery, Garden City, NY Organic Meets Inorganic March 5 – 29

2007 Ben Shahn Gallery, Paterson, NJ ?Sanctuary? January 28 – March 2

2006 Pierro Gallery of South Orange, Headlines Curated by Mary Birmingham
May 7 – July 16

2006 Ben Shahn Gallery, Wayne, NJ American Impressions: Contemporary American Printmaking 2006 Curated by Dr. Marilyn Kushner, Dept. Chair Print & Drawings, Brooklyn Museum March 20-April 21

2005 Robert Miller Gallery, Chelsea, NYC, Postcards From The Edge

2004 The Montclair Art Museum, Evolving Identities: Figurative Works from the 18th Century to Now, March 20 – August 1

2004 The Creative Center, Chelsea, NYC, Six Men Working: Metamorphosis,
February 14 – March 30

2004 Ben Shahn Gallery, William Patterson Univ., Wayne NJ, American Impressions: Contemporary American Printmaking Feb. 2- March 5

2004 New Jersey Center for Visual Arts, Summit, NJ, International Juried Show Jan. 27- March 18 Juror: Charlotta Kotik, Curator & Chair Contemporary Art ,Brooklyn Museum

2003 Gallery 214 Artspace, Montclair,NJ Montclair Fine Art National Juried Exhibition , Received Best in Show Award, November 14 – December 5

2003 CFB Space, Chelsea NYC Freaks, October 22

2003 The Westminster Gallery, Bloomfield, NJ. 6th Annual Studio Montclair Exhibition, Juried by Joseph Jacobs, Newark Museums Curator

2003 The Midland Gallery, NJ, Six Men Working Now May2 – June 7

2003 Museum of Humour and Satire, Grobovo, Bulgaria
The 16th International Biennial of Humour and Satire in the Arts

2003 Selected by the ?Internal Committee? to exhibit at the Florence Biennale 2003. Florence, Italy December 2003

2002 Johnson & Johnson Corporate Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ The N.J. Artist Series Swing Lens Canvas Prints/Curved Wood Panoramas Solo Exhibition Dec. 16-Jan. 13, 2003

2002 R-Space Gallery, Montclair, NJ Six Men Working June-July


2002 Montclair Art Museum, Face To Face (Installation of 27 Large Scale Mixed Media Portraits) February 23- April 28 Grand Re-Opening of the Museum.

2001 City Without Walls, NJ Joined Together/ Pulled Apart April 26-June

2001 City Without Walls, NJ All Blues March 8 – April 19

2000 NJ Center For Visual Arts, Summit, NJ The International Juried Show 2000 Dan Cameron, The New Museum of Contemporary Art Jan. 30 March 27
2000 City Without Walls, NJ The Color Line In the 21st Century Jan. 20-March 3

2000 The Gallery at Newark Academy, Livingston, NJ It?s About Time Jan. 10-Feb. 4

1999 City Without Walls, Newark, NJ Flip July 22- Sept. 3

1999 The Islip Art Museum, Anthony Giordano Gallery, Oakdale, NY
Selections: Collage June 9-August 1

1999 The Wilson Gallery, 20th Annual; Mountain Lakes, NJ Featured Artist

1999 New Jersey Center For Visual Arts, Summit, NJ Selected In The International Juried Show ?99; Juried by Lisa Dennison, Chief Curator of The Guggenheim Museum, NYC

1999 Kenny Schacter/Rove Gallery, NYC Postcards From The Edge December 12

1998 The Gallery at Newark Academy, Elizabeth B. McGraw Arts Center,
Livingston, N.J. Large Scale Collage Solo Exhibition November 2 - 30

1998 City Without Walls, Newark, N.J. July 23 - September 4 Mixed Medea

1998 The Bergen Museum of Art and Science, Paramus N.J. May 15 - June 21
Layered Visions Solo Exhibition. Catalog.

1998 Simon Gallery, Morristown, N.J. Two Person Exhibition. April 17- May 16

1997 The Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, N.J. February 1- April 13
The Montclair Art Colony: Past & Present

1996 City Without Walls. Newark, N.J. July 25-September 6 Humanimal

1996 Seton Hall University, Newark, N.J. May 18-July 31
Extenuating Circumstances, Steven Sennott, City Without Walls

1995 The Gallery of South Orange, South Orange , N.J. June 11-28
Two Person Exhibition. ?Displacement (Recent Collage)?

1995 The Watchung Arts Center, Watchung, N.J. February 1-28 Four Surrealists

1994 City Without Walls, Newark, N.J. March Double Indemnity

1993 Stedman Art Gallery, S.U.N.Y. Rutgers, N.J. October 18 - December 18.
New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship Exhibition

1992 A.I.R. Gallery; NYC Holiday Invitational December 8 - January 2, 1993

1992 City Without Walls; Newark N.J.
Selected work in The 17th Annual New Members Show August 27 - October 2.

1992 Montclair State College Art Gallery; Montclair, N.J.

1991 First Night Montclair; Hahns Dept. Store Window, Montclair, NJ
Window Installation for Montclair First Night Dec. 1991


1991 O.I.A. Gallery; 148 Duane St., N.Y.C. 15th Anniversary Salon Show Nov.

1990 S.H.L.R.C. Gallery; College at Morris, Randolph, N.J. April 5 - May 2.
Solo retrospective exhibition.

1989 AMB Gallery; Hoboken, N.J. Collage 1983-1989 Retrospective exhibition including thirty collages over a seven year period. Nov. 13- Dec.r 23.

1989 AMB Gallery; Hoboken, NJ. Works on Paper July 7-August 3.

1989 Jefferson Trust Gallery; Hoboken, NJ Hoboken Eyes April 22-May 7.

1988 Lower West Side Visual Arts Center; N.Y.C. January. Alumni exhibition.

1984 ABC No Rio Gallery; N.Y.C. Window Series, Silver Prints Jan. 2 - 28.

1983 MARI Gallery; Mamaroneck, N.Y. Collages February 27 - April 3.

1982 Purchase North Gallery; S.U.N.Y College at Purchase, Purchase, N.Y.
Exhibition of Silver prints. December 4 -January 4.


2008 Luna Stage Theater Co., Montclair, NJ Installation of 5 Silk Prints from The Collage Journal in conjunction with ?Elliot, A Soldier?s Fugue?

2002-03 Luna Stage Theater Company, Montclair, NJ Collages used for playbills, announcement cards and Theater Windows

2001 The Montclair Economic Development Corp. ?Ground Zero? Collage used on card for benefit party. Also piece was auctioned off for WTC Fund.

2001 Collage realized as Symbolic Image for ?Evening of Hope?. An evening of Readings and Performances in reaction to the attack on America .

2001 Township of Montclair, Five Collages selected & realized as street banners.


2008 Hop Construction, Written & Directed by Charlee Swanson
Short Documentary/ Video selected in The NJ Film Festival, Asbury,NJ


2007 David Carr, The New York Times

2006 VMS Media Company, NYC

2005 Johnson and Johnson, NJ,PA.

2005 Senior Care and Activities Center, Montclair, NJ

2004 Massachusetts Audubon, Wellfleet Mass. Wildlife Sanctuary

2003 Museum of Humour and Satire, Grobovo, Bulgaria

1999 The Montclair Art Museum, Darwin 1997

1998 The Bergen Museum, Birth and Passing II 1997

1995 Towers Perrin, Intl. Consulting Firm, 335 Madison Avenue NYC


2008 Birch Brook Press, Where Things Are When You Lose Them,, Cover Art

2006 The Collage Journal, The First Year, 12 hardcover books, self published

2004 Photoshop User Magazine, July/Aug. Featured Artist in Showcase

1984 Possum Press, New York University, N.Y.C. Smiling at Possums; Artist's Monograph book of poetry. Hand Type-set & printed on Japanese paper. Ed. 50.


2/2007 The Lush Life, Montclair, NJ; Featured in 30 minute TV show profiling artists.

9/13/06 &
10/29/04 The Murray Hill Center Inc., NYC; Forum group participant for professional printmaking artists

3/10/02 Montclair Art Museum, Lecture on my Exhibition ?Face To Face?.

2/99 Flushing Council on the Arts, Flushing Queens; Speaker at Symposium

11/98 The Newark Academy, Honorarium Lecture

4/95 Suburban Cablevision, TV3, Featured on ?EXPOSURE? Artist Profile Series.

2/8/94 Montclair Art Museum; Promoting Yourself As An Artist
Speaker on Photography, Presentation & Art Resources for the Artist.

4/30/90 Honorarium Lecture; Influence & Process
Visual Arts Department College at Morris, Randolph, N.J. .


2006 The New York Times, Arts & Entertainment, pp. 12 Ben Genocchio ?The Medium is the Medium?

2006 The Star Ledger, Front Page (Today) Dan Bischoff ?The Art of War?

2005 The Montclair Times, Art s, Oct. 13 Cover Story,pp.3 & pp.4, Knifing the news, Eric Levin

2003 The Montclair Times, Arts, June 5 pp. 1, Reflecting the world we live in
Joan Finn (Reproduction)

2002 The Star Ledger, Artnotes , Todays Spotlight, Dec 25 pp.71, Camera Work, Dan Bischoff

2002 The New York Times, ?Melding Tradition With Modernity?, William Zimmer March 3 N.J. Section, pp. 11

2002 The Star Ledger, ?Montclair Art Museum Redoubles its Efforts? , Dan Bischoff March 1 ?Ticket? pp.25

2002 The Montclair Times, ? Peter Jacobs? Face To Face Brings Eyes To The Montclair Art Museum, Elizabeth Ludas Feb. 21 pp. D1

2002 The Montclair Times, ?Artist Peter Jacobs? Portraits Blend Painting, Sculpture & Photography? Feb. 21 pp. B1

2002 The Star Ledger, Montclair Art Museum Redoubles it?s Efforts, Dan Bischoff, Ticket, pp 25, March 3


2002 The Montclair Times, Peter Jacobs ?Face To Face? Brings Eyes To Montclair, Elizabeth Ludas, D1, Feb. 21

2002 The Montclair Times, Peter Jacobs Portraits Blend Painting, Sculpture & Photography, Arts & Entertainment, B11, Feb. 14

2001 The Montclair Times, Front Page Reproduction,?Evening of Hope? pp8 Sept. 27

2001 Art Review: "Joined Together/Pulled Apart" The Star Ledger May 4 pp5

1999 Art Review: ?Flip? Dan Bischoff The Star Ledger Aug. 1 pp. 5

1999 Art Review: John Lee The Suffulk County News June 24, pp. 14

1999 ART: Dan Bischoff The Star Ledger Aug. 1, pp. 5

1997 Art Review; Barry Schwabsky The New York Times Feb. 16, pp. 12

1997 Spotlight; Dan Bischoff The Star Ledger Feb. 16, pp. 1

1996 Art Review; Vivien Raynor New York Times July 7, pp. 13

1995 The Town Crier. N.J. pp. 3 (Reproduction)

1998 ART: ?Real Exhibitions, Experienced Virtually; Matt Muro
The New York Times, N.J. Section

1998 ARTS: Hot Tickets; Dan Bischoff The Star Ledger June 19, pp. 39

1995 Out & About, The Bernarndsville Times, N.J. Front page (Reproduction)

1995 Art, by Eileen Watkins, The Star Ledger, N.J.

1993 Arts & Entertainment; The Montclair Times, May 20, pp. A8

1992 Arts Calendar; The Montclair Times, May 14, pp. B5 (Reproduction)

1991 The Montclair Times; December 12, pp. A 3 (Reproduction)

1990 Arts Calendar; The Montclair Times, April 12, pp. B5 (Reproduction)

1989 Exhibits, by Jane Greenstein, The Gold Coast, Hoboken, N.J.
December 21, pp. 9 & 53. (Reproductions)

1989 Hudson Life, by Jane Greenstein, The Jersey Journal, N.J.
December 15, pp. 31. (Reproduction)

1989 Art, by Eileen Watkins, The Star Ledger, N.J.
July 21, pp. 49. (Reproduction)

1989 Exhibits, The Gold Coast. Hoboken, N.J. April 27, pp. 21. (Reproduction)


2003 Montclair Fine Art National Juried Exhibition Best in Show Award, Gallery 214 Artspace, Montclair,NJ

1991 The New Jersey State Council on the Arts;
Recipient of the top New Jersey State Council on the Arts Individual Fellowship Award.


2003-2008 Pierro Gallery of South Orange, South Orange, NJ


2004 Photoshop User Magazine, July/Aug. Featured Artist in Showcase

1984 Possum Press, New York University, N.Y.C.

Smiling at Possums; Artist's Monograph book of poetry.

Hand Type-set and printed on Japanese paper. Edition of 50.

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