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Gianluca Traina (giantra)

Gianluca Traina (giantra)

I am a young Italian artist, I work in fashion, design and art. My research style is based on the production of innovative and unusual materials. Account the human body through the curious relationship between material and form. The result is often surreal and ambiguous. I'm sensitive to the human condition in society, which assumes the values of basic geographic and economic. I like traveling and relate with different cultures. Often through my work reads my interest to the world. I look forward with confidence and I like technology and design at the base but there is awareness of the valuable work of the artisan can make hands.


Gianluca Traina was born in Palermo on 28 October 1984, spends his childhood in a village in the province of Palermo, Ventimiglia di Sicilia but soon the desire to discover new places, make new experiences and especially the desire to get in the game push to move away from the country; in September 2002, after obtaining his diploma in artistic maturity, he moved to Florence, where she attended the Polimoda. Learned the secrets of design for clothing and intrigued by the possibilities that this sector grants decides to stop the Florentine experience and is dedicated to the study and research of innovative fabrics. In 2005 he moved to Milan where, as a result of a specialization course organized by the Camera Nazionale della moda italiana in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano, he obtained the qualification of specialised Interior Decorator for fashion and showroom. The stay in Milan will forever change his creative spirit. Get in touch with reality important, learn the rules of marketing and communication, participates in numerous fashion show and presentations. His ability to read the world with critical eyes and his talent for research and innovation will lead him to establish working relationships with major research studies and trends to win numerous awards and scholarships.
Over the Milanese experience mainly dedicates himself to painting, passion that cultivates privately and that subsequently leads to partnerships of various kinds and for various reasons. In recent years there have been experiences in the fashion industry, she worked with ETRO, SMI (Sistema Moda Italy), Armani, Rose & Thin, Lidia Tomkow, Zara, Godò but despite collaborations with several brands and fashion houses prestigious and different jobs as a result of experience gained abroad, USA, Spain, China, Gianluca Traina decides to cultivate and strengthen his passion for painting and art, which is why in September 2009 he enrolled at the Accademia delle Belle Arti di Palermo, especially some aspects of perceptive use of color, the responsible use and environmentally friendly materials and techniques.
The varied experiences of the artist and his background led him to experiment with new expressive languages but primarily to interface to the world through his works, he, in fact, not merely to express his points of view, the purpose of his paintings and his creations is to induce the Viewer to think, ask questions, interested in something newthat perhaps, environment, culture, profession, would never have considered. On the other hand the same Tang said: the art end in itself cannot fail; art, as such, has the duty to move minds, awaken the souls and give the viewer an experience memorable.


Robert Fontaine Gallery, MIAMI, Usa


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Lisa Burkard (Lisa_Burkard)

Lisa Burkard wrote on December 05, 2012 11:01:

Like your artwork! :o)

andré schmucki  (andreschmucki)

andré schmucki wrote on August 22, 2012 22:00:

prego ;)