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Irish G. (gloriousirish_art)

Irish G. (gloriousirish_art)

Artist. Woman. Mother. Ambivert.


B. July 17, 1991
Irish Glori Galon is a Boholana artist now making waves in the local art scene. With several awards under her belt (PVAF Grand prize winner, three time MADE Finalist, Honorable mention on AAP On the Spot competition) and several important shows to be proud of, Irish always wows the crowd with her surreal-melancholic piecesthat are actually an extension of her memory, the narrative of her past experiences, her hopes for the future, the pulsations of her heart and soul. She chose to abandon a lucrative career as a would-be architect and have affair wirh her brushes, canvases and paints. Art and social critic, researcher and journalist Noel Sales Barcelona wrote about Galon in 2017: “(T)he works of Irish Glori Galon are but her realizations brought by the inner contradictions that she has experienced as an artist and as a human being; her observations about the external reality that surrounds her, and her pursuit of finding her own identity as an artist, as a woman and as a human being. Furthermore, they are the fruits of her quest for freedom, even though not absolute and complete, to create works that refelect her core values and beliefs. Because she has utilized that freedom carefully and conciously, without disregarding the paradoxes that she has experienced in the past and those she has been experiencing until today, the result is astonishing and amazing: artworks that can disturb the linear way of thinking and feeling and understanding things; creations that can bring you into certain degree of social and spriritual realization; and masterpieces that possess true aesthetic and cultural value.”

NSB, 2019


Selected Exhibitions

2019 Benevolent Two Man show Renaissance Gallery
2019 Crowns and paper boats Two man show Collector's Exchange Gallery
2018 House of Falling Leaves Two man Show Space Encounters

2019 Art Junction Vinyl on Vinyl
2019 Sugid NCCA Gallery
2019 Bigkis Terminal 240
2019 Rise of Popsurrealism Arte Bettina
2019 The Pothole Agenda Art Anton
2018 Open Theme Nova Gallery
2018 Under the broad Umbrella Kaida Gallery
2018 Zweet Sixteen Zsa zsa Zaturnnah Anniversarry show, Space Encounters Gallery
2017 Salo Salo J studio Gallery
2017 Unboxed Qube Gallery
2017 Neo Pop surreal Deluxe Gallery Roberto

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