top Becoming the Day

56 x 57 x 1.5 inches (HxW)

top Komposition mit Rost
top god of bears
top Komm näher
top I Wasn't Meant to Be There
top Dragonfly
top no safe
top W_in_der_Wiesche_the_fountain

shot May, 2014 in Aachen, Germany, water fountain in bright sunlight

top Lakeside

Seascape study

top What did you learn in school today

Since the time machine is not invented yet, I place people of our time in a picture that is shot a long time ago. Somewhere back in time, while the moments raced through them, these people were frozen in time through a camera lens. This makes it possible for me to create a memory of them. A story to be told and for others to take part in, and maybe to identify with. In a way, it is nostalgic and sad studying old photographs from bygone times, each photography carries its own story about the everyday life of the people in the photography. One day at Ellis Island when the boat with the immigrants came, a couple saying goodbye during the Second World War, a Sunday stroll at Karl Johans Gate in the eighteen hundreds.