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Kevin  Bourgeois  (kevinb1969)

Kevin Bourgeois (kevinb1969)


Kevin Bourgeois has been working as a self taught contemporary artist for over a decade using all available means to educate and expand his vocabulary in Modern Art. Starting in the late eighties with encouragement from his art teachers in high school, Kevin began personal research and exposing himself to many forms of contemporary art. During that time he began to organize displays of his work at small businesses and events as well as entering competitions and art festivals, all with an array of success. Since 1991, Kevin has been exhibiting in solo and group gallery shows. His museum and juried shows include the Virginia Beach Museum of Art, the Orlando Museum of Art, and Juxtapoz Magazine.

In 2001, he enrolled in a variety of classes at Rollins College to educate himself in academic forums, computer arts and art history. This gave Kevin the chance to become an art editor for the annual Rollins Collins Brushing Magazine. Since he had no plans to seek a full degree and had firmly established himself as an artist in Florida, he moved to New York City to work and grow as a contemporary artist. He has been published in Vapors Magazine, Omagui Magazine,Swindle Magazine and Wallspankers Magazine. Artist registries include The Drawing Center, Artist's Space, Art Battery Group, and Headquarters: a non-profit artist collective.


Solo Exhibitions
"Impossible Exchange", Causey Contemporary Gallery, New York,NY
"SYStm", Causey Contemporary Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
“Something Wicked This Way Comes”, Causey Contemporary Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Group Exhibitions

"Self Identities", Palazzo Ca' Zanardi, Venice, Italy
SPRING/BREAK art Fair, New York, NY

"Public/Pivate",SPRING/BREAK art Fair, New York, NY
"MIA in MIA", Lyons Weir Gallery, New York, NY

Aqua Art Fair, Miami, FL
“Curate NYC”, Rush Arts Gallery, New York, NY
“Gallery Collection”, Collectors Contemporary Gallery, Singapore
“Time In Children’s Art Initiative Auction”, Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York, NY
“Postcards from the Edge”, Sikkema Jenkins & Co Gallery, New York, NY

“Overture Art Fair”, Miami, FL
“Art Takes Times Square” New York, NY
“Nose Bleed”(curated by Erik Foss), Fuse Gallery, New York, NY
“Casa De Empeno”, Anonymous Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico

“Zoom Elite art Fair”, Miami, Fl
“It’s A Wonderful Life”, Collectors Contemporary Gallery, Singapore
“JOYRIDE 2011”, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York, NY
“3D Art Book Exhibition/Signing”, Opera Gallery, New York, NY
“Dear Japan, We LOVE You.” Openhouse Gallery, New York, NY
“Well Hung”, The Chelsea Chapter @ +art gallery, New York, NY
Pulse Art Fair 2011, New York, NY
“Songs” (Curated by Erik Foss), Fuse Gallery, New York, NY

“FRACKING: Art and Activism Against the Drill”, EXIT Art, New York, NY
Fountain Art Fair 2010, Miami, FL (Dec)
“Draw” Museo do la Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
“Public Consumption” (co-curated), Puffin Foundation, New York, NY

Artprize Group Show 2009, Grand Rapids, MI
“Up rooted” Causey Contemporary Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
“Rare Pleasures”, Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park, NJ
“Black Pop Surreal”, Shore Institute of the Contemporary Arts, NJ
Fountain Art Fair 2009, New York, NY

Bridge Art Fair Miami 2008, Miami, FL
“Confabulation”, Collectors Contemporary Gallery, Singapore “BOMBscare”, Headquarters Studio, New York, NY
Deitch Project Gallery 4th annual Art Parade, New York, NY
Art @ Large: Juried Group Show, Crybaby Gallery, Ashbury, NJ
“The Guys We Would Fuck”(curated by Nayland Blake), Monya Rowe Gallery, New York, NY
Bridge Art Fair New York 2008, New York, NY
“Eaten Alive”, Headquarters Studio, New York, NY
Bridge Art Fair Miami 2007, Miami, FL
“Angel Headed Hipsters of the East”, Resolution Gallery, New York, NY
“The Art of Healing”, Salt Creek Art Works Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL
Bridge Art Fair London 2007, London, UK
“Spectrum”, Peacock Room Gallery, Winter Park, FL
“Tripnotica” Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, NY
Bridge Art Fair Chicago 2007, Chicago, IL
“Suggestions”, Causey Contemporary Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
“Killer Beez”, Headquarters Studio, New York, NY
Fountain Art Fair New York 2007, New York, NY
Bridge Art Fair Miami 2006, Miami, FL
“Headquarters Artist Collective”, Headquarters Studio, New York, NY
“Summer Group Show”, McCaig/Welles Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
“Juxtapoz Magazine Submission Show”, Fuse Gallery, New York, NY
“Eastern Influence”, Cornell Center Gallery, Rollins College, Winter Park, FL


Vapors magazine (dec/jan issue 2008)
Mad Skills magazine, nov/dec issue (online)
Ninja Magazine, issue #9 Oct. 2008 (online)
Asian Art News, Vol 18 no.5 sept/oct issue page #18 2008
Time Out: Singapore Review: “Absolutely Fabulous” (September, 12th,Friday, 2008)
Lucid Culture Art Review: ”Something Wicked this way Comes” Feb. 11th, 2008 (online)
Orlando Weekly “Culture to go: Pencil Pals” 2007
Swindle magazine issue#11 may 2007
Wallspankers magazine #1 (online 2006)
St. Petersburg Times Art Review: “Erasing Misconceptions” Nov. 14th, 2002
Rollins College Brushing Art and Literature magazine Annual 2002
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Kevin  Bourgeois  (kevinb1969)

Kevin Bourgeois wrote on December 10, 2012 20:48:

Hi Ulea,

I'm glad you like the work and can find a deeper meaning in it. Thank you for the compliments! NYC